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This Corrupt Chinese Official Had A TON of Cash Stashed In His Basement. Literally, A Ton

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China has been making a show of trying to tackle corruption within its government since President Xi Jinping announced a widespread anti-corruption campaign in 2012. Back in July, China launched operation “Fox Hunt 2014″ as part of this campaign. “Fox Hunt” targeted corrupt government officials and other suspects of financial crimes who had fled the country. Last week, Chinese officials released an update on the operation, announcing that the program had managed to detain 288 suspects, 21 of whom had been at large for

Symantec Just Discovered One of the Most Sophisticated Computer Bugs Ever Detected

Its name is Regin. For six years, the bug has been infecting computers while flying under the radar of security systems. Once it installs itself on a computer, Regin is able to do things like take screenshots, steal passwords and recover deleted files. Symantec says the bug has been used primarily to spy on government organizations, businesses and private individuals. “We don’t believe it is being used… for mass surveillance,” said Vikram Thakur, Senior Development Manager at Symantec. More than half of

Russian Cosmonaut Encourages International Peace After His Stay Aboard The ISS (Video)

Russian cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev returned from a nearly six month stay aboard the International Space Station (ISS) this past September, after numerous experiments, Instagram photos, and unique life-in-space experiences. This past Sunday (11/23), the Russian news agency RT met and spoke with the cosmonaut (Russian term form astronaut) about his experience aboard the ISS. In the interview, Artemyev referred to the ISS as “a diamond of international cooperation,” adding that… “Fruitful cooperation between the Russian and US crews at the International Space Station should become

My Four Thoughts on Michael Brown and the Recent Indictment Decision (Opinion Piece)

Last night, reports came out that the grand jury in the Michael Brown case decided not indict officer Darren Wilson for any wrongdoing in the incident. This announcement sparked a wide variety of reactions, most of them inextricably tied to emotions: anger, satisfaction, disbelief, defensiveness… I understand that this issue is still a fresh wound on the American psyche, so I will tread carefully. But there are a number of things I feel compelled to say in the wake of the decision.