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New Study: World Population Set to Hit 11 Billion By the Year 2100

A study published today in the online edition of the journal Science predicts that the world’s population will continue to grow steadily throughout the 21st century, contradicting the widely-held belief that world population was getting close to leveling off. The study, a joint project between the University of Washington and the United Nations, was the first to employ modern Bayesian statistics. This more complex statistical method combines all available information to make a more accurate prediction. Traditional projections only take into account life expectancy and

The Bionic Pancreas: How A Son’s Illness Inspired His Father to Revolutionize Diabetes Care

Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the United States today, with 29 million Americans currently living with the disease. Of those 29 million, the majority suffer from Type 2 diabetes which, in most cases, is caused by a combination of poor diet and lack of exercise of long periods of time. But while Type 2 diabetes can be almost completely reversed by improving your eating and lifestyle habits, Type 1 diabetes (which affects 3 million Americans) is a chronic

The Coolest Places On Earth: The White Temple- Thailand (Pictures)

At the northern tip of Thailand, in the Chiang Rai province, lies one of the most beautiful and elaborate pieces of architecture and sculpture in the world. Wat Rong Khun, better known to the western world as the White Temple, is a modern buddhist temple built in 1997 by Chalermchai Kositpipat, a Thai visual artist born and raised in Chiang Rai. In May of this year, an earthquake struck the region, nearly destroying the temple. Kositpipat initially said we would demolish the temple,

On the Eve of Independence Vote, Scotland Still Split Over Whether or Not to Leave the UK

307 years ago, representatives from England and Scotland came together to sign the “Articles of Union”, an agreement that merged the two countries into one single sovereign state. Since then, the English and the Scottish have had their fair share of disagreements and conflicts with one another, but the United Kingdom has always endured. But that may end tomorrow, with Scotland set to vote on whether or not to leave the UK and become an independent country. And with the vote less