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Scientists Just Captured What Thunder Looks Like for the First Time Ever (Video)

thunder image

A pair of scientists from the Southwest Research Insitute in San Antonio just became the first people to successfully image a thunderclap. Their research was presented at a geophysics conference in Montreal on Tuesday (May 5). Lightning and thunder are extremely unpredictable. While we obviously have the capability to track thunderstorms, it is virtually impossible to predict exactly when and where an individual lightning strike will occur. To get around this issue, scientists Maher Dayeh and Neal Evans created their own lightning by using

Babies See Right Through Your Facade of Fake Emotions

smart baby

By around 18 months, babies can tell when you’re faking an emotion. The discovery comes from a study conducted at Concordia University. For the study, researchers got two groups of babies: one group of 15-month olds and one group of 18-month olds. The infants observed an actor who would perform some action and then display a facial emotion that either did or did not make sense with the action. For example, hurting a finger and showing pain would make sense, but receiving a

25,000 Mexican Fishermen Are Suing BP Over the Devastating Impact of 2010 Oil Spill

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In the late hours of April 20, 2010, the Deepwater Horizon oil rig burst into flames and exploded, killing 11 crew members and uncapping an underwater oil geyser in the Gulf of Mexico. The Deepwater disaster ended up becoming the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history — nearly 5 million barrels of oil (210 million gallons) were dumped into the Gulf before engineers were finally able to cap the well 87 days after the explosion. More than five years later, Mexican fishermen have yet

101-Year-Old Nepalese Man Found Alive After Spending A Week Buried In Rubble

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A 101-year-old man was pulled from the wreckage of his home in Nepal on Saturday, a week after a magnitude-7.8 earthquake devastated much of the country. According to a police official, Funchu Tamang was found with only minor injuries and is now recovering in the Nuwakot district hospital just northwest of Kathmandu. “He was brought to the district hospital in a helicopter. His condition is stable. He has injuries on his left ankle and hand. His family is with him,”   the official