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Cuba Just Became the First Country to Eliminate Mother-to-Baby HIV Transmission

cuba hiv transmission

For decades, Cuba has been one of the leaders in global health. Cuban doctors led the way in the fight against Ebola, and American doctors are just now getting their hands on a lung cancer vaccine that Cuba has had for 20 years. Cuba achieved yet another medical milestone today, becoming the first country to eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV or syphilis. The announcement was made by the World Health Organization. The WHO’s director general Margaret Chan called the accomplishment, “one of the

U.S. Deploys Heavy Weapons to Eastern Europe for the First Time Since the Cold War

ukraine heavy weaponry

Stories like the McKinney pool party, the tragedy in Charleston and the Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling have dominated the public’s attention in recent weeks, prompting many news outlets to throw the conflict in eastern Europe onto the back burner. But don’t let the lack of coverage fool you: tensions in the region are higher than ever. On Tuesday (6/23), U.S. defence secretary Ashton Carter announced that the United States would be deploying heavy weaponry to central and eastern Europe, something that hasn’t been done

The World’s First Commercially Available Jetpack Goes On Sale Next Year! (Video)

martin jetpack

A New Zealand-based company called Martin Aircraft is preparing to make history by making jetpacks commercially available for the first time ever. The Martin Jetpack is made of aluminum and carbon fiber, and uses large fans instead of traditional rockets, which have more power but are harder to control. The fans are capable of lifting up to 265lbs (120kgs), and the jetpack comes with an emergency parachute in case anything goes wrong. Martin Aircraft began testing the jetpack back in 2011, and recently

Watch: SpaceX Rocket Explodes and Disintegrates Minutes After Launch

falcon explosion

This morning, SpaceX geared up for its third attempt at recycling one of its Falcon 9 fuel rockets by landing it on a floating barge in the ocean. The first attempt was on target, but lacking in control; the second attempt was extremely close, but still failed. SpaceX’s engineers were hoping that the third time would be the charm with today’s launch. But as it turns out, they never even got a chance to try the barge landing. About two minutes after launch, SpaceX’s Dragon supply rocket