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Turkey Experiences Unexpected Country-Wide Power Outage

Image Credit: USA Today

On Mar. 31, Turkey experienced a massive power outage that affected nearly all of its major cities. According to Turkish news agency Hurriyet Daily News… “Doğan News Agency reported that almost all 81 provinces were affected by the cuts, except for the eastern province of Van, which imports electricity from neighboring Iran.” According to Business Insider… “The Turkish Electricity Transmission Company, TEIAS, cited a problem at the Turkey’s electricity power transmission network for the worst blackout in Turkey in several years.”   Aside from

Photos: Italian Apartments Use Hundreds of Trees to Mute Noise and Provide Clean Air

25 verde

A unique apartment complex in Italy is bringing real trees into the urban jungle. 25 Verde, located near the Po River in downtown Turin, incorporates roughly 200 trees into its design: 150 potted trees are beautifully woven throughout the complex’s five stories, and another 50 stand watch in the courtyard. In addition, eight massive metal “trees” are intertwined from the ground floor all the way up to the top of the apartments to help provide structural support. The building is also

Retailer Invents Unique Sidewinding Circular Skates (Video)

circular skates

A new pair of skates designed by retailer Hammacher Schlemmer is being labeled by some as a “post modern skateboard”. The Sidewinding Circular Skates are a pair of separate 10-inch rubber wheels with platforms to stand on. With one on each foot, the rider uses a weaving motion to gain momentum. Hammacher’s website describes exactly how to use the unique skates: “These are the annular skates that are propelled by leaning side to side, allowing you to skateboard without having to push

Boeing Just Patented A Futuristc Shockwave-Shielding Device For Soldiers

Image Credit: Google Search-  "Force Field"

According to USA Today… “Star Wars jokes aside, Boeing actually just patented a force field that would use energy to deflect explosions. For real; it’s called, “method and system for shockwave attenuation via electromagnetic arc.”     The patent, which was granted to Boeing on Mar. 17, credits senior Boeing researcher Brian J. Tillotson as the inventor. According to Forbes… “As described in the typically dense language of a patent, the system would include a sensor to detect the explosion