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Poorer Nations Are Growing Renewables Nearly Twice as Fast as Richer Ones

According to a new study from Climatescope, developing nations are far outpacing developed ones when it comes to the installation of new renewable energy infrastructure. The study monitored 55 developing countries, including emerging economies like China, Brazil, South Africa, India and Kenya, and found that between the years of 2008-2013, developing nations saw 143% growth in renewable energy, versus only 84% in developed countries. The Climatescope project was originally put together in 2012 by Bloomberg’s New Energy Finance division, the U.K. Government Department for International

Were Our Most Celebrated Leaders All Good, Moral People? (Opinion Piece)

Before I really get into this piece, I just want to warn you that after reading it, you may never look at some of history’s most honored figures the same way ever again. That being said, let’s start off in the present. Next Tuesday, November 4th, Americans will vote in the midterm elections to decide the political fate of the American Congress. As usual, underhanded, and just downright offensive mud-slinging tactics have been being used for political gains all over the

Making A Rocket Thats Shoots 2300 Feet Up Out of Sugar and Kitty Litter (Video)

YouTube science experimenter Grant Thompson (aka: “The King of Random”) recently released an awesome new video that shows you how to make a rocket that is both powerful and cheap. How cheap? About $0.50, according to Grant. That’s because the rocket’s main ingredients, sugar and kitty litter, are both dirt cheap! Check it out in the video below: It’s definitely important to remember to check with your local authorities before setting off any type of rocket, especially in residential areas. Grant drove out to

How An Abandoned Walmart Became America’s Biggest 1-Floor Library

It’s no secret that Walmart stores are big. Really big. The average Walmart takes up about as much space as two-and-a-half football fields. According to international supply chain consultant MWPVL, Walmart stores covered a whopping 721 million square feet of retail space in the United States in 2013. That’s an area almost 10% larger than the entire city of Manhattan (661 million sq. feet). And when a Walmart location closes, it often remains vacant for long periods of time since very few other businesses