The Dissapearring Tribes of the World (Pictures)

A few years ago, photographer Jimmy Nelson set out to capture the most remote tribes in the world, the one’s that are still almost virtually cut off from our modern society.

According to Nelson, his mission was to capture and document these tribes before their cultures and traditional ways of life disappeared completely.

He called the project “Before They Pass Away”. Here are some of my favorite photos from the project, but you should DEFINITELY check out the full project.

Kazakh Tribe- Mongolia


Banna Tribe- Ethiopia

tribes2 tribes3

Karo Tribe- Ethiopiatribes4 tribes5

Vanuatu Tribe- Vanuatu Islandstribes6

Mursi Tribe- Kenyatribes7

Samburu Tribe- Ethiopiatribes8 tribes9

Maori Tribe- New Zealandtribes10 tribes11

Geroka Tribe- Indonesia/Papua New Guinea

Asaro Tribe- Indonesia/Papua New Guineatribes13

Huli Tribe- Indonesia/Papua New Guineatribes14 tribes15

Himba Tribe- Namibiatribes16

Ladahki Tribe- India
tribes18(h/t BoredPanda)

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