Is Asteroid Mining a Real Thing??? (Video & Infographic)

Video Produced by Planetary Resources

Planetary Resources seems to be one of the main supporters behind the idea that Asteroid mining might be doable and needed in the near future. It seems that the main usable resources that could be on an asteroid are platinum and water, one can be used as fuel the other a precious metal. The idea of “Asteroid Mining” does seem radical though. Right now we have an International Space Station (ISS), but that’s it in terms of anything permanently in space that may need resources from an asteroid. So if we’re talking needing the resources for use on Planet Earth, I think we have plenty of water but perhaps the value of the platinum exceeds the cost of the enterprise (Platinum is worth roughly 20,000$ a pound). So how much of these precious metals could an asteroid contain? And how expensive would mining the Asteroid be?


One major factor to consider is that no asteroid has ever actually been mined so we can not know for certain how much of anything is in them, also the “X-group” (which is the smallest percent of asteroids) is the only kind that may contain precious metals.



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