Are You Ok With a Power Plant on the Moon? (Video)

Tokyo-based company Shimizu intends to do just that.

Japan, with its limited space and extremely dense population, is always trying to figure out new ways to keep up with its ever-growing energy demands. To solve this problem (and potentially energy problems worldwide), Shimizu Corp. wants to lay a 250-mile wide strip of solar panels around the equator of the moon (so that solar energy is being collected no matter where the moon is in its orbital cycle).

From Shimizu Corp. (click to enlarge)

According to Shimizu, the proposed “Luna Ring”, as it’s being called, would be able to generate 13,000 terawatts of power to Earth per year, using either lasers or microwave radiation to send the energy to “receiving stations” back on Earth. For perspective, the US generated just 4,100 terawatts of power in 2011.

Shimizu is aiming to start construction in 2035. No word on the budget yet. Here’s a video about the planned project.

For more information, read the full article here.


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