Time Magazine Regional Cover Variances Based on U.S. Values

Below is a picture of the cover choices made by TIME Magazine for September 16, 2013 issue based on region of the world.

Notice the US is the only country/region with a different cover. This kind of thing actually occurs quite often. The slideshow below shows the covers from TIME Magazine the rest of the world received but the US did not in just the last year (16 total).


In TIME Magazine’s defense, I will say that I agree that most Americans would be more drawn to buy the cover with Johnny Manziel on it. The topic that college football players should get paid is definitely something most Americans can relate to and have an opinion on.

Where on the other hand seeing the cover with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin on it may not pop off the shelf as easily. The average American would likely see it as a usual TIME Magazine cover with another bald politician from somewhere that they know little about.

Although I agree that College Football players getting paid or not getting paid is very relatable, should that be more appealing to the average American than real global issues?

Every other region in the world besides the US feels that Vladimir Putin, and the huge situation going on with Russia, is very important or at least more important than collegiate athletics, but still the average American according to TIME Magazine would see that as less interesting or really not his or her problem.

Here are some more TIME Magazine covers that the rest of the world received but the US did not just in the last year…

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