Pope Francis Shares Birthday Breakfast With 4 Homeless People

Pope Francis turned 77 today. How did he celebrate? Well, he had the Vatican official in charge of alms-giving invite four homeless men who live in the neighborhood just outside of the Vatican walls to join him and the Vatican staff for a “family-like” morning mass.

After concluding mass, the Pope visited with the homeless men (one of whom brought their dog), and then personally invited them to join him for breakfast in his hotel room.

Pope Francis with children at the Santa Marta Medical Center

On Saturday, the Pope visited the children’s hospital in the Santa Marta Medical Center (located on Vatican grounds), where the kids surprised him with a birthday cake.

In his few months as Holy See, Pope Francis has already built a reputation as one of the most down-to-earth and candid Popes in recent history, sparking controversy with many of his progressive statements and actions.

Baby at Santa Marta takes off the Pope’s cap

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