2 Suicide Bombings in Russia in the Last 2 Days as Sochi Olympics Approach

Yesterday, a female suicide bomber detonated explosives in the main bus station of the city of Volgograd. The blast killed 17 people and wounded 35 others.

Then earlier today, a male suicide bomber blew himself up on the back of a trolley bus, also in Volgograd. There are 14 confirmed dead already and 28 others were injured.

Although no one has taken responsibility for the attacks, many suspect that it is the work of Chechen terrorist groups.

A few months ago, the leader of a Chechen separatist group pledged violence in response to Russia’s forced evictions of around 2,000 families in the Sochi region as well as a number of other transgressions against migrants there.

Volgograd is a major rail hub in Southern Russia and is a main transit point for people traveling to Sochi via the Black Sea. The bombings are raising serious questions about Russia’s ability to ensure the safety of Olympic spectators in February.

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