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WOW. The Man Who Hugs Wild Lions Brought a Go-Pro This Time (Video)

Kevin Richardson is known as the lion whisperer, and I think that term is perfectly accurate. He has literally made himself part of a pride of lions, as well as a group of hyenas.

Watch Kevin hug, cuddle and play with these wild predators. He also attaches Go-Pros on the backs of some of the lions and hyenas, so you can see things from their perspective as well.

If this isn’t the most amazing intimate footage of lions and hyenas you’ve ever seen, I’d be very surprised.

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    mountains says:

    this is disgusting and crosses all sorts of ethical boundaries. what an idiot, and what a terrible way to promote conservation.

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      Daniel says:

      Disgusting and crosses all sorts of ethical boundaries? I seen some stupid, ignorant and naive comments but this one may take the cake. I’m surprised he/she can spell.

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      gregun1nd3 says:

      the only ethical boundaries crossed are those of the people who destroy the wildlife habitat. this man this “lion whisperer” is doing more than you are. he is out there promoting awareness that lion populations are down. he shows us his interactions to get people all over the world to see a more “humane and gentle” side of the lions. how they interact not just as a hunting and killing machine. is it the smartest choice hugging a lion? obviously not but you calling him an idiot is uncalled for and ignorant…

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        Jalen says:

        Good, glad the lion population is down, do you know how many people are killed a year in africa by these crazy beasts? The only reason you care about saving them is because you don’t have to live in the danger of having your babies ripped apart at night by one of these lions.

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      kyle thomas says:

      You’re an absolute moron for even obtaining that opinion. It doesnt apply to you in any way shape or form , its something the man likes to be a part of and so many more people would. If raising awareness for lions preventing them to go extinct is disgusting then i would have to re-evaluate my entire life because thats probably one of the most brave things people can do. Ethical boundaries my fuckin ass, its crossing a boundary that allows to different species to join and act as one.

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        Mountains..I’m not going to comment bash you..But I would like to add here that everyone in this world has the right to their own opinion, with that said if you feel that this is “this is disgusting and crosses all sorts of ethical boundaries. what an idiot, and what a terrible way to promote conservation.” that is YOUR opinion. As for myself I feel that this man and his video shows that lions CAN be gentle and have feels just like your average house cat..and there for need to be saved. It is common knowledge that you don’t just walk up to a wild or a captive lion and give it a hug or pet it ! ! As many people have said (as well as the man in this video) he rescued these lions as CUBS and pretty much saved their lives, yes he is still risking his life everyday; but they do see him as part of their pride there for the likely hood of them hurting him is lessened.

        I will never understand why people see the need to comment BLINDLY on a comment feed just to be rude.

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        mbiyimoh ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

        lol some people just like to be contrarians to get attention. i like to give the trolls a chance to explain themselves- i’ve found it’s the best way to deal with them.

        thanks for your comment! glad you enjoyed the post!

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    Heather says:

    I hate to be a buzzkill, but is it good for wild lions to think humans are friends? Wouldn’t it serve them better to avoid us as much as possible? What if the next human they come to “play” with has a gun & thinks the lion is attacking? Seems to me this guy should be eaten and Go Pro should find new, less detrimental, ways to advertise.

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      Sheena Sachs says:

      Oh my God…it just kills me that you truly think this. You have missed the point completely. Don’t let your fear of these animals interfere with the purpose of this video. Most humans are afraid of these animals, it’s only instinctual, hence why they carry guns. Hence why there is a problem related to extinction. The only thing I see from this video is that Kevin has a unique and rare relationship with these animals, unlike anything we’ve seen before. Even unlike the Crocodile Hunter, much different. Steve had a tendency to provoke. But he was still amazing, and up until his tragic death he was generating invaluable knowledge of these creatures THROUGH his relationships and because he was brave and curious.

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      reyajoy says:

      I think it was fairly evident that he wasn’t promoting human friendship between the lions and other humans. If that were the case, I think he would have tried to integrate his film team into the situation and assist them in gaining the trust of the lions. We see none of that. Rather we see him step back and let the lions chase them off. I think the fact that he saved the lions as cubs and raised them is key. He obviously has a unique relationship with animals. He is indeed a whisperer, but the reality is, he’s a rescuer. There’s an element of interference with all rescue, but it has to occur. I commend his work, and greatly appreciate his approach in allowing most of us who will never get to see a wild animal in its own habitat and still get to see the sides of its character and personality that would endear us to it. Most people have hearts and are less inclined to wish a person be eaten by the animals they saved, but to each their own, Heather… But it certainly doesn’t sound like you hate anything about being a buzzkill… Right? Just kill the guy, and get on with the good stuff? In my opinion, human attitude can be just as detrimental (if not more) than anything you were referencing. Just a thought. Maybe you might like to volunteer, and Go Pro could send you out there to see if your theory about this guy making wild lions think humans are friends is correct? No, I’m kidding. I wouldn’t want you to do that, because it would be bad… very bad. No buzzkills needed to prove a point. Just a little understanding and kindness goes a long way. Also, a little consideration and less negativity would make such a happy world. Don’t ya think?

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      They won’t see all humans as friends, if you noticed he didn’t have his crew get out of the car because the lions would have attacked them. The only reason they are like this with him is because he raised them

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      Will says:

      You obviously did not watch the video. The next human that comes to “play” with lions would be attacked. Just because they lions befriended a human that raised them from birth does not mean that all lions are now desensitized to humans. Lions are intelligent creatures. Did you not see how the camera crew in the car was chased off by the lions due to there presence and scent? Do you think that any human that walks into a pride’s territory will be embraced like that? Of course not, they would be killed on the spot. Why do you think his crew stayed in the car and protected themselves with cages? As the poster above said, he is welcomed because he raised them from a young age and they view him as a member of the pride. No sane human will go out to “play” with lions due to a video they watched online

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      Patrick says:

      You hate to be a buzzkill? Really? You missed the whole point of the video and your comments prove that. I’ve never went out hunting with open arms and a kind voice to lure in my prey, but I respect the animals lives that I am hunting as much as this man in the video. I hunt and fish for meat and feel the prey I take deserve a humane and quick death. Lions and hyena’s don’t make good table fare to me so therefore I would not even consider harvesting one. People like you who leave STUPID comments like “this guy should be eaten and Go Pro should find new, less detrimental , ways to advertise” are who this guy is trying to EDUCATE! So, please, ‘educate’ yourself and become aware of what this man is trying to make people like understand and free yourself from your ignorance. Ignorance is NOT being STUPID; just misinformed. Your comments were, really STUPID.

      1. 0
        Patrick says:

        If my ‘comment is awaiting moderation’ and is changed in any way; then the people who are responsible for this are as ‘ignorant’ as Heather who made the STUPID comments.

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      mbiyimoh ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      he actually adopted those lions when they were abandoned as infants so they see him as a part of their pride, rather than a human friend. you’ll note in the video that he tells the camera crew to stay in the car, since the lions aren’t familiar with them and would therefore still be aggressive towards them (they show this aggression a few times).

      but the point you make is very valid. “befriending” lions is definitely not the healthiest way to save them, but i think he moreso wanted to show that they have an emotional side just like we do, and are not simply beasts and brutes.

      thanks for your comment!

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        Paige says:

        Along with promoting the importance of preserving and allowing for natural habitat in order to keep these beautiful animals as a part of the world we live in

      2. 0
        Jenna says:

        Yes very true. This video does not mean lions are not dangerous and wild. I would not recommend doing this and there have certainly been far more people who have died trying to approach wild animals than not. Therefore, use your common sense. Hugging wild animals: good idea or bad? I think we all know the answer. This is the real world not Madagascar.

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      HM says:

      I think what this guy is doing is self serving and assuming. I can’t imagine it being good for these animals to build such a trusting relationship with humans, when there is a high incidence of poaching in those parts of the world. I see a man who is meeting his needs without really understanding or taking into consideration his impact on these beautiful animals.

      1. 0
        Kk says:

        Your a self serving asshole trying to take moral highgrounds.. He has done more for animals in a day then you probably have in your life.

      2. 0
        Tony Collins says:

        There is always a hater somewhere. Instead of appreciating how rare and amazing this is. you see something wrong. Congrats nice to know people like you are alive and well. Hmm I wonder when you see a solar eclipse do you worry how dark its getting, or how dangerous it is. Especially if you look directly at it. Can’t wait for people like you to finally die out and let the rest of the world evolve and become more connected with the universe.

      3. 0
        James says:

        I’ve seen other people like him who have built strong relationships with wild cats, and the fact is, they know him, and avoid other humans. Why do you think the camera crew had to protect themselves? These lions and hyenas stay away from humans they don’t know.

      4. 0

        These beautiful animals are also smart enough to trust him, specifically, and not any random human who comes along. They reminded me of my cat, only they’re a hundred times bigger. My cat does these running leaps and cuddles, but only with me — he would never expose himself to a stranger.

      5. 0
        Sindy says:

        I understand your concern but it’s rather small minded in my opinion. For too long humans have regarded all animals as beneath us. They are different no doubt but just as complex and deserving of respect. This guy and others like him are helping to broaden our understanding and expand our relationship with them and eventually they will be seen as valuable beings as opposed to valuable belongings and thus help to bring an end to poaching.

      6. 0
        Parker Pease says:

        so basically having a relationship with an animal is always self serving? The lions chose to accept him and love him they have a brain and can decipher things fairly well. This guy is giving them affection which with anything i find hard to believe as harmful. I find this fascinating and would love to meet this guy and possibly have him bring me out to see his animal families. He isn’t obstructing anything natural. He has a bond and it is that simple. Nothing is wrong with what he is doing. It would be like saying raising a human child with affection is bad because there are bad people that you can’t trust and will kill you for fun.

      7. 0
        richard says:

        Yes such trusting relationships should be avoided with lions. Just imagining what it would be like to invite a lion for a pint at my local pub. Seriously though, don’t think poachers are interested in building such relationships, a fully armed rifle is usually what they use to get what they want, regardless of how trusting these beautiful and endangered creatures are or are not.

      8. 0
        J. Jordan says:

        I think that you underestimate their mental abilities. These animals would not let other humans into their circle, I think that animals have some subconscious ability to understand the intentions of an individual.

      9. 0
        Davis B says:

        Well think of it this way, without him the lion population would still be decreasing, but instead, you wouldn’t have any idea about it. All of his lions are in a preserve he created himself, free from poachers. It’s a mutualistic relationship.

      10. 0
        AF says:

        You are 100% correct. As beautiful as these creatures are, they need to be afraid of humans because humans are the real monsters in this world. Killing for amusement, instead of purpose.

      11. 0
        Ty says:

        Yes- Because the millions of people made aware of the lion numbers depleting aren’t at all worth it. I wouldn’t be on this site talking to you about lions if this guy had not been doing what hes doing. Hes starting a conversation and getting the ball rolling on a idea that is bigger than your ego. Boggles my mind that you try to find negativity out of a story like this.

      12. 0

        You’re joking, right? You do realize that barring any cataclysmic event (or Jesus coming to collect), the only lions remaining will be that which reside in a zoo. We are growing as a populous. Free range territories are shrinking. It is inevitable. Move to Africa and assist with anti-poaching efforts, but saying this is self-serving would be the same as telling someone who can fly not to jump off a cliff.

      13. 0
        DM says:

        The lions didn’t trust the guys in the car. They only trust Kevin because they remember him from when they were babies

      14. 0
        Daniel says:

        Richard is raising awareness about lions and how they are becoming an endangered species. He’s not encouraging trusting relationships with humans but showing what amazing creatures they are. They built a relationship with a human not humans. I see an idiot commenting on a video to meet is needs without really understanding or taking into consideration what he is saying.

      15. 0
        Sam says:

        Um do you not notice the other guys in the landrover. There is a reason for that. You want to know why it’s not very hard to grasp. There still wild Lions. Those two males alone way at least 400 pounds each or more. They are still killing machines. Plus poachers are assholes who hunt at night with spotlights just to keep the rich pricks happy.

      16. 0
        P.R. Tooke says:

        So anyone who studies, befriends or tries to make others of our species understand better our need to help these animals is only serving themselves? Let me make it even clearer, given the rate of current extinction, we know what will happen if we do nothing, so where is the negative is trying something other than what we have been doing?

      17. 0
        mbiyimoh ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

        the animals in the video are ones he saved when they were abandoned as infants. without him they never would have made it to adulthood in the first place. i don’t think he promotes trying to build these kinds of relationships with all lions and points out in the video that his relationship with those particular lions is a special one.

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