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WOW. The Man Who Hugs Wild Lions Brought a Go-Pro This Time (Video)

Kevin Richardson is known as the lion whisperer, and I think that term is perfectly accurate. He has literally made himself part of a pride of lions, as well as a group of hyenas.

Watch Kevin hug, cuddle and play with these wild predators. He also attaches Go-Pros on the backs of some of the lions and hyenas, so you can see things from their perspective as well.

If this isn’t the most amazing intimate footage of lions and hyenas you’ve ever seen, I’d be very surprised.


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    Alex says:

    My guess is all those supporting this behavior are the kind of people that think one day all animals will live in harmony, like a T.V. sitcom. Go and talk to natives of different countries that still have the lifestyles of ancient cultures and you will see most of them leave dangerous animals alone. By the way, I have never seen different species of animals hugging in the wild as the norm.

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    Tania says:

    Amazing….but sooner or later won’t instinct kick in…never know. Just be safe and what about the hyenas…can’t tell me he raised them too. Cool video…well done.

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    ARO says:

    Everyone who disagrees what this man is doing are complete idiots. Let’s leave it at that. At least he’s trying to help with the awareness of these species. What the hell are you doing?! NOTHING. So just do us all a favor and shut up because your ignorant comments aren’t doing anything at all.. Shocker right? Just because he was blessed with the opportunity to do what he’s doing, does not mean everybody in the world is going to jump out of a jeep in South Africa and try to hug a lion. Let’s be real.

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      ARO says:

      Kevin is very knowledgable about the species he’s bringing awareness to and he is completely aware of what we need to do as humans to keep them from going extinct. One of the most wise men I’ve seen.

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      Alex says:

      Wow, Mr. Supertolerant writing a reply. No one is disagreeing with awareness. If there is something time and nature has shiwn us is not to mess with her. This is an intrusion. Or maybe you have copies of the request of the lions ansking for hugs.

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    Smc says:

    This is my opinion , every living thing is a product of its environment. To say this is wrong or right does not apply as every instance is unique. In this case to say that he should not interact or be a part of the “Pride” could do more damage than good. My reasoning is that if he has been a part of their lives since they opened their eyes, the sudden removal of a pride member could bring about more bad then good in this case. I believe the awareness of the plains and the unique perspective he can bring is a great way to bring attention to his cause. This however does not condone everyone to join a herd or pride or family to try to duplicate his results. As I previously stated in the case of this, environment and this timing brings this result and should be accepted as such.

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    Chris Holmes says:

    He’s going to end up just like the grizzly bear “whisperer” and his girlfriend. The bears had them for dinner. It seems gentle Ben really was a killer animal after all and instincts won out over human training. I suspect Simba and his buddies will eventually do the same. Can you say Siegfried & Roy?

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    Spencer says:

    It will be cooler when he gets eaten like the guy who liked to hang out with bear. It isn’t cool. Stop anthropomorphizing animals. That lion doesn’t want a hug, that dude needs a hug. Someone give that dude a hug.

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    tommey says:

    I accept what he does with the lions…I do think it is nice if his point is to increase awareness. I hope that he has clearly stated or have in place that none of these lions would be euthanized if he were to ever lose his life by one of the lions/hyaenas. I think if one plays with fire then one should accept the possible consequences and take full responsibility.

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    nancy says:

    Absolutely breathtaking….wish I had money to send to support the kingdom. That is the purpose of these videos, to get financial support, not approval, not to stir controversy. The man needs money. Put up or shut up, please. :-)

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    JustSaying says:

    I think this video is so beautiful. Some make negative comments here, but who cares how Kevin will go, what’s important is that he saved these beautiful creatures and he is experimenting a very unique journey of his choice, more rewarding than most of us have and I bet he is healthier and happier than most of us. Plus, he is trying to bring awareness, that wild animals will become extinct, which is very sad. The ones with power, control and money choose to kill these animals, for pleasure, for that 1 second it takes to shoot them. Millions are spent every year by the rich that go hunting in Africa and other parts of the world. There are “reserves” particularly made for the rich, which btw are all cowards, since they don’t really hunt in the wild, where there is a chance they can be killed, they shoot animals that are clearly released and push towards their trajectory. What Kevin does, is the opposite, he didn’t choose to make money, by “selling” his animals, he choose to not only save them, but raise them and offer them a chance to live. I wish there was more I could do, other than just refusing to eat meat lately, after I saw the abuse chickens and bovines go thru and I wish there were more like Kevin in this world. The rich that can decide on the future of many animals, e.g rhinos, etc are not coming with any strict regulations, merely because poaching is a very profitable business.
    btw, these animals HUG, how else you call what they do when they show affection???? they also have feelings not only instincts.
    Kevin, God bless you and I hope you live forever!!!

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      Tammi Draheim says:

      Look in bible…..animals were all created BEFORE HUMANS! He is doing what God created him to do…human race kills & destroys what they don’t understand…so sad how some humans have lost their way through life….I applaud us animal people who actually care for the 4-legged ones who share this planet. keep up good work Kevin…us animal people need 2 stick together!

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        Don L. Thomas says:

        I certainly can appreciate his love for these magnificent creatures. But quite frankly, the guy’s an idiot. Should any one of these powerful creatures happen to have a bad day or bad moment for that matter, it’s game over! These are wild animals and they are way too unpredictable for humans to become this complacent around them…. A disaster waiting to happen. Oh yeah, but he’ll die “loving what he’s doing” right?! Among the most ridiculous statements I’ve ever heard.

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        merme says:

        If you were to really know the Bible you will know that God created man first and then the animals and gave Adam the job of naming them all. When God saw that animals were not fulfilling to Adam then God created his help mate Eve, which Adam named too. When they ate the forbidden fruit they destroyed everything for man forever on earth. If this sin of disobedience to God had not occurred with Adam and Eve we would be walking among the animals today as God intended an as this man has been gifted to do. We still live in a fallen world and he needs to keep that in mine because they can still turn on him as man can too. Just beautiful what God had planned for us to experience. We will do so again when Jesus comes again one day for those who trust in his promises and accept Jesus. We will walk again among the animals and the clouds.

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        wayne smock says:

        That makes 2 idiots who can’t appreciate Gods creatures. They probably would eat both of you because wild animals love to eat idiots. who would probably love to put their heads on your wall and brag about being a great white hunter.

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      michaella ciardullo says:

      beautifully written, I couldn’t have said it better myself. God bless you Kevin for having such a wonderful, loving and giving ♥!!!

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      Don L. Thomas says:

      I always chuckle when I read comments about how some animal activists “saved” a particular animal or group of animals. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge lover of wildlife and wildlife conservation. But let me ask this question: Who put them in danger in the first damn place?! If we humans would just stay in our own lane and leave them be, the wildlife population would do just fine on it’s own. Just ask the American buffalo or the now officially extinct Black Rihno.

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        Findlay Monteith says:

        That’s true, but we aren’t leaving them alone. It’s called balance. Some people hurt other species, but some people try to protect them. He’s trying to get people to stop attacking the habitats they need to survive. It’s not wrong to be friendly with other species, neither is it stupid.

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        eileen says:

        I’d say Kevin has accepted that the day might come when he is attacked and killed by the animals that he loves but he is willing to take that risk. He is helping to expose to the world the plight of the wild animals and their loss of habitat in his own unique way. His love for those animals is stronger than his fear of death. And that is exactly what love is.

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        Jordan Telesca says:

        Ok Don,, but humans didn’t stay in their lane and now these animals ARE in danger. So should the rest of us who actually care continue to stay in our lane and let them continue to be killed off? The most destructive people are the ones who constantly shift from lane to lane in life trying to affect others at every turn. Its people like you who “stay in their lane” that have no counteractive effect on all the negativity that a lot of people bring in to this world. Be the change you wish to see. Don;t just tell people they shouldn’t act on their passion to do something good in life just because its not something you would do.

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        Geraldine Smith says:

        I agree that humans have been the cause of the extinction of many animals. Therefore, we should also be the solution. Actually, it was through the intervention of Ted Turner that the American Buffalo was saved. So, “leaving them be” is not always the best course of action. Even more interesting is that Turner’s plan was based on business. At the same time he was increasing their population (on private not public land) he created a market for bison products through his restaurants. An example of successful capitalism if you ask me.

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      Rick says:

      Yes, but even the numbers of these beasts need to be controlled due to the reduction of prey in their food chain otherwise they would be eating you and I!

      Secondly, some of the monies for those safari tags go to preservation of these animals. Where else would it come from? Preservation by depredation is “caring for our four legged friends!”

      The true sad state of affairs is the narrow mindedness of some of these postings.

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        Alex says:

        Are you implying that lions are not that endangered? Do you really think a man who raises lions on a daily basis doesn’t have an idea of what is going on with the lion population?

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      I sincerely pray that Kevin that goes on with his work and that we NEVER hear that his beloved lions turned on him as did the grizzlies from “The Man Who Lived with Grizzlies” although no one will ever know the truth story of that horrible story. May God bless and protect you Kevin.

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    TJ Herman says:

    If lions need ideallistic attention seekers like this to rally humans NOT to obliterate them, then they truly are in trouble. Hugging a wild predator isn’t admirable, it’s foolish and reckless.

    If and when this guy gets eaten we’ll have to listen to the entire Internet blab about how sad it is, and experts will go on CNN and waste their breath about how “lions are dangerous and you should never attempt to hug one.”


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      mark says:

      just like the experts say that it’s dangerous to go outside, to cross a street, to drive in a car – try and find a safe existence my friend. the pathetic die on golf courses!

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        Don L. Thomas says:

        Oh, c’mon!!! Women sometimes die giving birth! So what do we do, stop having children? we’re talking about taking your life in your own hands with the very high odds of consciously and recklessly putting your very life in emanate danger. There’s a huge difference in running through an area of tall grass while knowing the area is infested with deadly, poisonous, snakes than doing so while not knowing! Really… Horrible analogy!

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      It is indeed possible to befriend animals, and friends don’t eat each other. There is ample evidence of that among many different species. What can happen though is that you push yourself on a big animal who has a bad day, all irritated and angry. It might attack you, and even if not wanting to kill you that may very well happen anyway because of it’s strength.

      I know Kevin already was bitten once years ago when he didn’t have the same knowlegde as he has today. I have seen him explaining the case and has since then been very aware of all signs showing a bad day. As you see above happy lions are running to him for hugs, not the other way around.

      Of course, any bad thing could still happen, but it’s getting more and more unlikely. Even if he would be killed by a lion one day he is living and loving his life, and it’s all good for the awareness of the future of lions he helps to spread.

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    Emily says:

    Animal behavior student here. I don’t doubt that he has a personal relationship with these lions, not one bit. I don’t doubt that they consider him a part of their pride. HOWEVER, look at the way that lions play and get into arguments with members of their pride. Teeth and claws are involved. Teeth and claws don’t really hurt other lions, so playing/fighting like that is just fine. But a human? He would be severely injured by even the gentlest play-bite. The lions don’t understand how delicate he is. It’s really sad, but I think this man’s end is going to come when one of the lions playfully bites or claws him. The lions will be very sad that they lost a member of their pride, but won’t understand how they hurt him. This is the exact same thing that happens with dogs and babies. Dogs are loving and protective of the babies, but trying to carry them by the scruff (like they would do with a puppy) can kill the baby instantly. It is simply unsafe to interact like this with animals that we cannot defend ourselves against.

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        Emily says:

        It is relatively common, but he’s probably just gotten lucky so far. He probably stays away from them when they are being overly playful. But I have no doubt that it will happen one day. This is the exact same scenario that happens with the orcas at Sea World and to that guy who kept a Grizzly bear as a pet. They have a personal relationship, but the relationship’s key flaw is the fact that the animal treats the human as another of their kind. Getting playfully bitten/playfully pulled underwater/playfully clawed on the head is inevitable. It wouldn’t hurt one of their kind, but it kills us.

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        Emily says:

        Correction to my other comment: that guy who has a pet grizzly (named Brutus) hasn’t gotten hurt yet. But I am sure the same thing will happen. It’s really tragic.

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        mina says:

        @ Emily – watch blackfish, there are numerous other variables that the documentary expounds upon for reasons why the attack happened (aka negative reinforcements when he was young, being terrorized by older female orcas, being raised in a cage in which he didn’t have much space to move when he was young)…lets be careful of generalities and confirmation bias when you use your examples

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        Charlotte says:

        Humans hurt other humans with no necessary reason. Let this man live with passion. Maybe we have something to learn from these animals.

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        Mr. M says:

        @ Emily, comparing the orcas at seaworld with animals living in the wild is beyond retarded, and makes me think you’re skipping class alot. The orcas are literally being tortured. They get kidnapped from their families as babies, often watching their parents being slaughtered at the same time. From there on its into a tiny prison, with hardly any space to maneuver in, they cant swim like they do in the wild. Another factor is how they mix them all together, orcas live in families (and are in general more family oriented than most animals), where they speak the same language and know eachother, and the introduction to different orcas creates stress, rivalry and abuse. Like, jesus, watch Blackfish already.

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      mark says:

      interesting thought there animal behaviour student, but i’ve lived with dogs and and kids all my life and have never seen a dog try and carry a kid around by the scruff of their necks. perhaps animals are brighter than you give ‘em credit for.

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        Emily says:

        My link seems to have gotten messed up. It was just a Google search of “dog kills baby” with hundreds of news stories of family dogs playing too rough with babies and accidentally killing them. It is tragic, but happens quite often.

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        With some effort you can google up stories of humans being killed by or with such obviously dangerous objects as butterflies, vacuum cleaners, chickens, and vending machines.

        Wikipedia purports to have a reasonably complete list of humans killed by dogs in the United States. Fatal attacks on infants and toddlers seem to happen at the rate of about 10/year (out of tens of millions of dogs) and most sound like aggressive attacks rather than attempts to play.

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      I would like to say that perhaps your observations are not entirely correct. I have owned cats all my life and currently have 3. When they play amongst each other they claw and bite and are at times quite furious. When I play with them they never ever go remotely to that extent. I don’t even get scratched by my cats by accident. However I have seen other people’s cats scratch and bite owners. This is a relationship you build with an animal which can’t be explained. You understand how to be around them and they understand how to be around you. This is something no Animal Behaviour person can and will understand.

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        Emily says:

        Owning cats and having them not scratch you is not the same thing of bodies of evidence and case studies that show trainers/owners getting mauled by their animals even if they had a deep relationship with them. (Not to mention that cats have been domesticated for literally thousands of years and lions have been domesticated for 0.) The truth is we don’t speak lion, and don’t know what is going through their mind. This man does NOT know 100% that the lions will never hurt him. I guarantee he would agree with that.

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      Gabriel says:

      Emily I don’t understand how since you’re an animal behavior student, you pretend to know what is bound to happen between these animals and this guy..

      ” The lions don’t understand how delicate he is. It’s really sad, but I think this man’s end is going to come when one of the lions playfully bites or claws him. The lions will be very sad that they lost a member of their pride, but won’t understand how they hurt him. ”

      –> Are you serious ?! Its very cute you’re pre-occupied over here but kinda seems like you think you’are a lion whisperer..

      no offense but yes but you’ll probably take some, it is not what you study in books and learn from case studies that you can hundred percent relate to this guy.

      I’m no expert as you are… but I’d say these animals feel he’s part of their family or at least entourage and he does say he’s been there for years.. 15 was it with some of them ? anyways.. if he had gotten bitt, I’m not sure he’d offer himself to go hugging them for this really awesome video.

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        Emily says:

        I’m not saying that I know what will happen to him. Not at all. I’m just a student. But if something is MOST LIKELY to happen based on past experiences, isn’t it safe to assume that it will happen again? I just think it’s a risk he should not take.

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      Brittany says:

      Kevin’s been working with these lions for twenty years. He’s raised many of the pride’s lions since they were cubs. He HAS been clawed and bitten and injured. He’s not an idiot – he’s an expert in animal behaviour. He knows perfectly well that it’s dangerous. Getting hurt by the lions has not stopped him from being passionate about his work.

      You can get hurt in literally any line of work.

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      Pete says:

      Your comment is certainly valid…but its been 13 YEARS with these lions and your accident claim hasn’t happened. Fatal car crashes EVERY single day and I along with billions will continue to drive to work. So living your life in fear isn’t exactly a way to live. Now I’m not saying to anyone else to go out and try and live with lions or wild animals but he’s obviously special, so to put down his choice with a general statement is kind of ignorant.

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      Don L. Thomas says:

      That’s exactly correct, Emily and that’s precisely what I mean when I say should they happen to have a bad day or moment. A simple ‘not now’ swat or bite that is routinely used on their own kind can put a man 6′ under. These incredibly powerful animals are not meant to be hugged and snuggled like teddy bears. We’re talkin 3″ claws and fangs coupled with brute, raw muscle that’s designed to bring down water buffalo and even elephants on occasion… Nothin to play with!

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      matt says:

      you act like he doesn’t accept these risks every day. Try taking a Human behavior class as well. It will probably do you some good regarding your animal behavior studies. The world is a dangerous place, you can die sitting at your computer. I would give up everything i have to live a life like this guy does, regardless of risk or chance of death.

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      Harper says:

      You are right that lions and hyenas are very dangerous animals, and there is no doubt they could kill him with ease. However, Kevin Richardson states in other interviews that these videos take his relationship with these wild animals out of context, and that it is not always fun and games. He has said if it is getting too dangerous or something does not seem right he leaves them alone. Be careful of making generalizations based off prior knowledge and one video. He has been an animal behaviorist for a very long time, he knows what he is getting himself into and understands the danger.

      Maybe he will die at the hand of lions, maybe not. There is no way to predict his end or even say it will “most likely” be this way. He is not the first, nor will he be the last animal behaviorist who works up and close with wild animals. Others who came before him in his profession lived to tell the tale.

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      Kelly says:

      Would you call Malala Yousafzai stupid for speaking out against the Taliban knowing they might kill her at any moment? Are gay rights advocates in Russia stupid because people have gotten beaten and killed for protesting discrimination laws there? People risk their lives all the time for causes they believe in. Maybe his concern isn’t himself, but what he can do for these animals by raising awareness. Maybe he’s willing to face that kind of danger for a cause he considers more important than his life alone. That’s not stupid, it’s selfless.

      And before you say he could just educate people without actually taking footage of himself playing with the lions…when was the last time a video of someone talking about wildlife conservation went viral? Extreme measures produce results.

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      Would you say that Malala Yousafzai shouldn’t speak out against the Taliban knowing they might kill her at any moment? Should gay rights advocates in Russia stop protesting discriminatory laws because people have gotten beaten and killed for it? People risk their lives all the time for causes they believe in. Maybe his concern isn’t himself, but what he can do for these animals by raising awareness. Maybe he’s willing to face danger for a cause he considers more important than his life alone.

      And before you say he could just educate people without actually taking footage of himself playing with the lions…when was the last time a video of someone talking about wildlife conservation went viral? Extreme measures produce results.

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    tn2nadoes says:

    What concerns me is that some idiot will see this and go on a safari, thinking he can get out of the vehicle and just play with the lions… and get eaten. Then the lions will be blamed and killed. While I applaud Kevin Richardson’s desire to save the species, it concerns me that he’s setting them up for failure due to human stupidity.

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    tn2nadoes says:

    While I applaud Kevin Richardson’s desire to save the species, it concerns me that he’s setting them up for failure due to human stupidity. Some idiot will see this and go on a safari, think he can get out of the vehicle and play with the lions… and be maimed or killed. Then the lions will be blamed and killed.
    There was a video that went around, before Christmas, about the photographer, out photographing elk, in the Jackson Hole/Yellowstone area. One male approached him, the photographer encouraged him and continued photographing- not respecting the park rules about staying a certain distance from the animals. The elk mock attacked him, and wouldn’t let the man get up (the man was smart enough to try to stay in a ball, but there was a lot of people who were watching and not trying to scare the elk off him).
    Because the elk had contact with humans and had lost his fear of them, he was considered dangerous and had to be put down.
    Humans can be idiots- and do stupid things because they saw someone like Kevin do it (not taking into account that Kevin has obviously trained and studied these wild animals in order to have the skills to be with them in the wild). Sadly, the animals usually pay the price.

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      mark says:

      ha, that’s funny. i’ve seen that movie. guess we all need to die somehow. nice to see he’s choosing to do something worthwhile. his passing with have meaning, regardless of whether its from cancer or a misunderstanding with the cats. how many american die over misunderstandings with other americans. no one ever says… stay away from americans… we’ll perhaps some do :)

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    Tema says:

    It is obvious that benefits prevails in this whole discussion. The video is excellent, if it was for promotional reasons let it be. What a privellage to have the chance to have a glance to how the bible stories like. Really, people post negative comment due to jeallousy and knowing that they will never have the opportunity to
    be like this amazing guy. All the best to him and his blessed life with his animals as a family. Great stuff.

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    Jim says:

    I am convinced that people will delude themselves into believing whatever their fairy tail imaginations want to believe. Everyone seems to want to ignore the horrible consequences for the fool Treadwell and that poor young lady he had in his camp. Remember too that the male lion from the story ‘Born Free’, (Boy? was that its name?) ended up having to be destroyed because it became a man killer, Wild animals are highly specialized species that have developed over eons to fit their environment. They are not for hugging or sweet talking, Just respect them and give them the space they need to survive. Jim

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    Zenith96 says:

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Yes he is fine at the moment, but the day will come, just as it did for Grizzly Man, when these animals kill him. It’s fine to be held in awe by this now, but when the fatality occurs we will emphasize how these are wild animals and cannot be treated as anything other. It’s like people who slackline without safety harnesses over huge gaps. We stare in amazement, but when they fall it is a wakeup call.

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    Eva Marie says:

    This is beyond beautiful…moved me to tears. Many years ago I had the opportunity to spend time with a tiger where I sat quietly petting him as he purred and rubbed up against me(see the photo at It was one of my most memorable life experiences. Thank you for sharing such a gorgeous video.

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    Katlover says:

    Amazing film! What beautiful creatures they are. I saw a man passionate about saving the animals he loves by trying to bring awareness to as many people as possible, not someone trying to self promote or encourage this type of interaction with wild animals. Thank you for sharing this beautiful film!

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      Realist says:

      Do you know who else did the EXACT same thing with bears? Timothy Treadwell. He thought bears “loved” him and he was saving them through awareness. He and his girlfriend were also eaten alive by those same bears that “loved” him. These are wild animals and should be treated as such. You would not allow a wild lion into your home and we should not encroach on their homes. These acts, while seemingly beautiful and touching, are nothing more than stupid and ignorant.

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        allison says:

        theres a huge difference between bears and lions. bears do not have family structures and hierarchies like lions do. these social structures come naturally to wild cats. also, if you watched the video, he raised these cubs from birth. they know him as an essential part of their pride. im extremely impressed and envious of his relationships.

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        Real Realist says:

        The ignorance, I’m afraid, is all yours sir.
        There’s a staggering amount of history showing people and wild animals can co-exist in an amicable fashion.
        It’s kinda how animals husbandry ever got started in the first place.

        Timothy Treadwell got along tremendously with all the grizzlies surprisingly well for someone with no formal idea of grizzly culture and did so for years.
        It was a single grizzly that got him and his on-and-off again girlfriend.
        And that same grizzly also had the remains of other humans in its digestive track.
        Other humans who, we can safely assume, didn’t try to also pet grizzlies like Mr. Treadwell.
        Just like there was a single pack of lions who hunted humans aggressively in Africa (inspiring an awful movie with Val Kilmer) and in doing so gave rise to the idea that “all lions must then hunt humans”, and just as the movie Jaws perpetuated an unfounded idea that sharks routinely hunt humans, when it is in fact the opposite that is the case, Timothy Treadwell was killed and eaten by a rather … unsociable grizzly, even by grizzly standards.

        In short. There’s actually no “law” of the jungle that holds animals to a hierarchy of relationships. Silverbacks befriending kittens, and all that.

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        JJ says:

        god you are boring arent you. This guy OBVIOUSLY understands more about lions and african wildlife than you do, so its a bit rich you calling him ignorant. I would have thought these animals would have ripped him apart within seconds of him going anywhere near him. Because they didn’t that proves they recognise him and appreciate having him around. What you said about the bear man only proves his point even further, in the video he said no two lions is the same, they are complex animals that have different moods, personality and react differently. The man didn’t get ripped apart by bear because there savage mindless animals as your suggesting, but because there complex animal! Your the ignorant one I’m afraid! This man obviously understands the psychology of the lions, i don’t think he is pretending theres no risk in whats he’s doing, he just understands how they think, certainly a lot more than you do thats for sure! Appreciate the video, it shows a gentle side to these animals most people didn’t even think existed!!!

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        Changewinds says:

        The difference here is that these lions were hand-raised by Kevin. Timothy just went out thinking he could tame the bears. Wild animals can be unpredictable and that is always a risk you have to take while interacting with them, but knowing how to behave around animals like these goes a long way to prevent accidents. Who knows what other precautions he’s taking off camera. Notice that the film crew is filming from inside a cage.

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        Zeus says:

        Not True. Tim had overstayed until the start of the next season when all his regular bears were gone for hibernation and a group of aggressive and hungry bears had awoken. He missed his exit and he cited that as his own mistake.

        Very different scenario, do not spread poor information.

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        fishies says:

        How are you spreading awareness in a more effective manner than this. He isn’t doing harm to the lions and he is risking his life for their sake.

        They don’t seem beautiful. They are beautiful. Daring? Totally. Stupid? Hardly.

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        Saundra says:

        That documentary on Timothy Treadwell was one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen…I have to agree, leave the wild to be wild, enjoy them at a distance for their safety as well as yours.

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        G says:

        There are dangerous humans who can ravage other human beings similar to any other wild creature. I am honestly more scared of that than a beast that has more of an understanding to its own kind then humans do. Humans are much more savage than any other beast, for they do not only destroy other humans given ideology and particular circumstance, but also the world and anything that inhabits the areas they deem unfit for life.

      9. 0
        Hambone says:

        Agree 100% And these sorts of stories just encourage people to engage in dangerous and stupid behaviour by anthropomorphising wild animals. Lions are not your friends. They are not domesticated. They will play nice until they are starving.

      10. 0

        I see what I see. What is, is. They’re wild. No one should just DO this; that would be foolish. But look at them. Look at their mannerisms, look at how much they enjoy his presence, literally LEAPING into his arms. There is something to be said about this behavior. “Don’t try this at home” would obviously be the first thing said. No one can truly say whether or not they “love” him, but their openness as wild animals is a very curious thing… I think subjecting yourself to animals like this is foolish, but not ignorant. People put themselves in this situation fully aware that anything could turn the tide. But I respect his ability to be vulnerable; to put himself in their bubble completely unprotected, to put such trust in creatures like that, to make a public, physical display of “you are above me, you control my fate” rather than “I am man, you are wild, we are separate”. Maybe that’s why they accept him. We’re wild animals, too, somewhere inside… ;)

      11. 0
        Travis says:

        You obviously didn’t watch the whole video, 2 of the wild lions he raised since they were cubs, also even admits it’s not a simple thing, and of course it’s dangerous. I doubt Timothy Treadwell would change his views etc even knowing how he’d died, a realist? seems you live in your own world lol your preaching that those who try and understand are ignorant.., clearly common sense isn’t very common

      12. 0
        Alex says:

        That’s right. Also, if you give a wild lion permission to enter your home, it can then enter any time it wants to. But if you don’t give it permission, it can’t come in.

      13. 0
        Tim says:

        The bear that killed Timothy did not know him well and was seen acting aggressively toward other bears that never harmed Tim or his wife. Just like this guy said different bears, lions, people, … Animals in general have different personalities.

  19. 0
    AvaH says:

    It is true that he may one day die from these animals he loves–and who love him–so dearly. I am sure he knows that. But what an incredible life to live, what a beautiful connection to have, what an inspiring story to tell. If we live in constant fear of death, what will we ever accomplish? In these instances, where massive wild animals are intertwining their bodies with his, I imagine Kevin is at his happiest. We all have passions, abilities, and purposes in life–Kevin’s could kill him, but does that mean he should never engage in such a gift? For now, Kevin is here. For now, Kevin is perhaps more alive than we will ever be.

    What a beautiful planet.

  20. 0
    Jason Pierce says:

    In my opinion: it’s only a matter of time until Kevin is killed or severely injured. That inevitability plus the current overall bleek situation the Big Cat species populations are in add the ever illegal and for profit hunting pressure and Big Cat endangered species we be extinct. AND WE DID NOTHING ABOUT IT…

      1. 0
        missaliice says:

        Good response Shaddow Ayala. Some people are quick to make such negative thoughts about something. True anything can happen but why spoil the beauty of it here and now? Shame on you Jason Pierce.

  21. 0
    Holly says:

    I agree totally with Emily..its only a matter of time…it will be his entourage that will try to come to his rescue…and it will be a lion or two that will lose their lives because he wants to be some lion whisperer hero…I say quit compromising the wildlife habitat and leave them alone…

    1. 0
      Don L. Thomas says:

      Good. point, Holly… Should any of these animals kill him be it a lion or a hyena, guess what’s going to be hunted down and shot?! Is THAT part of the beauty?! Leave these animals be! That’s animal conservation at it’s highest.

    2. 0
      Alex says:

      You must live an incredibly pessimistic life. It’s much better for Kevin to live a life of love, and die loving, then to simply let lions that he raised from cubs “alone” for the sake of some whiney girl behind a keyboard.

    1. 0
      Chris says:

      Really gross comment, Teresa. “Hoping” something terrible happens to this man is disgusting. You don’t have to agree with what he is doing and you don’t have to watch the video.

      I hope nothing bad happens to you but I do hope you educate yourself as to why comments like the one you made above are not conductive and can be hurtful.

    2. 0
      missaliice says:

      I hope the lion eats you too. Some people are truly gifted, don’t say such things because you don’t have this gift. I don’t have this ability but I sure can admire it. Actually, I hope the lion doesn’t eat you but instead rip you into pieces while you’re still alive and just leave you there for the Vultures. Only Vultures pick up scraps of SHIT.

      1. 0

        You saying the exact same thing merely on a comment you did not like does not really help convey the message.

        There can hardly ever be a sufficient reason to wish for anyone’s death. Even if a scale for valid excuses existed, neither Teresa’s nor yours would fit on it…

        Live and let live.

    3. 0

      These are not wild animals. They are animals in his reserve. You should read his book, or watch this documentaries. The animals he interacts with are in the reserve that he manages, and he has hand raised most of them. He has been with them since they were cubs, and has formed a relationship with them based on trust. Years he has spent, and built these relationships through patience and respect. He has said many times that he would never walk up to a wild lion and try to form a relationship. He is a very patient and amazing man.

    4. 0
      Michael says:

      You are very negative. Its not silly its brave that man is living in the moment and doing more with his life than you or I are doing at this moment. So go hug a big pussy and quite being a big pussy!

  22. 0
    kristbjorg999 says:

    By the way this man never says in this video “Come and hug these animals”. When the crew asked: You want us to stay in the car? Kevin says: Obviously. Because others human beings didn’t raise these lions but he did. So therefore the connection. He is not telling people to hug wild animals, he is saying that these wonderful creatures are probably within next two decades, extinct. He is raising awareness about the habitat. People are always taking more and more of this land, for what. Roads, buildings, roads and buildings. Never appreciating the nature itself and the tranquility it brings. So give back habitat. Restore habitat. I consider that the moral of this video. Love this video. Beautiful.

  23. 0
    Ron Burgundy says:

    Amazing!. And the people who are being negative and bashing him are the same people that bashed Steve Irwin. they all said a croc would get him etc. and he died by an accident diving that could have happened to any diver. This guy has a talentm respect it and see that he’s trying to bring light to these animals to preach conservation.

    1. 0
      Don L. Thomas says:

      No, Ron. I loved Steve Erwin and commend his efforts. But the fact is, Steve Erwin was reckless and it cost him his life. Dying in the line of duty, actually trying to save an animal from emanate harm is one thing, but dying because you simply underestimated and got too close by way of curiosity is altogether something different. Steve Erwin was and is a hero…. But he got complacent and careless and that’s what killed him. Nothing wrong with preaching conservation from a distance. His two kids certainly wouldn’t be fatherless if he had and the animals would likely have fared none the worse.

  24. 0
    Z says:

    Its really sad that people have been are leaving such awful comments. This is truly an amazing video and yes, I know that he is putting his life in danger everyday but thats his choice and his families. Our soldiers put their life at stake, but they do it for the love of their country. Our police officers, fire men and teachers put their life at stake every day but it does not stop them from doing what they love. This guy is a true example of living life to the fullest and I would rather die tomorrow doing what I love and living life, then to die in 50 years hating my life and living with regret. Let’s try being a bit more supportive then negative, after all he is trying to reverse what man is destroying!
    Here is a quote that my mom always say that sums it all up, “are you living or are you existing?”

  25. 0
    Christine says:

    There needs to be more people in this world who actually do something to help the animals in an outstanding way not just becoming a vegan or whatever but actually going out and doing something to show people how we are abusing animals and how they are becoming endangered, and with one animal leaving it messes up a lot. I hope when i’m older I will be like him maybe not going out to lions but that I won’t be afraid of making a difference in this messed up world.
    I would also like to point out he isn’t lucky, he’s blessed.

  26. 0
    TerriJohnson says:

    I don’t know the whole scenario for this situation but my concern is that these trusting Lions will get killed by people who are killers .They aren’t going to be as guarded now, and heaven forbid they could more easily be ambushed. Their plight is bad enough without making it easier for their natural enemies to approach them. Otherwise, I love this mans efforts to, what? Make friends with them? Thinking about it, the film is so beautiful and his heart is in the right place,but unless he personally protects them in their wild state, he is opening them up for disaster….

    1. 0
      Lauren says:

      They’re not wild and they’re not in a zoo either. He owns a sanctuary where he keeps these hand-raised animals that can’t be released into the wild.

  27. 0
    Ames16 says:

    Alright people, let’s calm down a bit. How this man chooses to live his life is, quite frankly, his choice. I do not hear him advocating lion hugging. He is raising awareness and living life with heart and passion. I admire his dedication to these animals! Everyone that has found their purpose in life knows that there are inherent risks involved. That’s what life is about!

  28. 0
    Purre says:

    Not to be a buzzkill here, I do love watching Kevin and his animals, but the animals he is hugging are not wild. He raises them from birth in his enclousure to make sure they see him as one of their own. They are as time as those animals can be.

  29. 0

    this is amazing and i absolutely love being able to see this. fb is such an awesome tool for our world…my question to Kevin is how were you able to listen to this calling… the story and the hugs….you are a very lucky man not only to be able to love the beast in our world this way but to be living your Dhrama……inspirational this is what tv need to offer our world……thank you for loving these animals

  30. 0
    D says:

    Kevin is demonstrating what is known in Indian spirituality as a Siddhi (supernatural power). There are many Sadhus in India that live with wild Tigers, Cobras and other dangerous creatures. They connect with the animal’s spirit. Beautiful to see this video.

  31. 0
    rhoden, sydney says:

    I….want to do this. There is nothing like a big cat….. I have some memories and pictures too. To keep them protected is important. To respect and appreciate them is necessary to their survival and our spirits.

  32. 0
    C says:


    look it up folks

    this cat is a big cat whisperer no doubt
    the prognosis is grim
    He will, quite possibly, die doing what he loves.

  33. 0
    Melody says:

    This was the most amazing veido I have ever seen. I’am Leo lion by the staars and to see this and the beauty of the lion in it own setting it is just amazing ..

    1. 0
      Allison says:

      thats not true. bears dont have hierarchies and family structures like lions do. he may have become familiar with the bears, but he was never accepted as one of their own. he was more or less tolerated by the bears until they didn’t want to tolerate him anymore.

  34. 0
    Don Hammer says:

    These are NOT wild animals. Kevin Richardson has raised every animal he interacts with from birth (which is a LOT of animals) but he would NEVER do this with wild animals.

  35. 0
    alan says:

    Don L Thomas

    U have no right to say Kevin is an idiot, Ur the idiot……………as for all your peoples snotty comments, listen to the reason why Kevin is doing what he is doing, he should be admired. Not like the idiots that come to my country and pose with animals they have shot here and then gets there heads shipped to where ever these assholes are from. I think he realizes more than anyone that he could be killed, but that does not stop him from doing what he believes in and what he think is right.

  36. 0
    Andrea, South Africa says:

    The sad thing is, and I really hope it doesn’t happen, but when an accident happen and a lion or hyena do kill him, its going to be the animals fault, and the animal will be killed because of it.

    1. 0
      Purre says:

      Kevin has stated perfectly clear that if he is killed by one of his animals, all responsability was his own. Not only that, he has even stated that if he is killed by one of his animals and then got the chance to go back and alter his life choices, he would not change a thing.

        1. 0
          Purre says:

          The grizzly man was with wild bears, Kevin Richardson is with animals that he has trained and raised from birth. A lioness even trusted him with her newborn cubs, lions don’t even trust regular pride members that much.
          There is plenty of fascinating material on him, just a google search away, You will enjoy it.

  37. 0
    Brittany says:

    You guys need to do some actual research before you make dumbass statements. Kevin’s an ethologist – he has more than twenty years experience working with lions. He understands the proper safety precautions, he understands the animals’ behaviour and when not to approach them. Timothy (The Grizzly Man) was basically just a hippie living in the wild and had absolutely no idea what he was doing.

    Kevin’s work is extremely dangerous but please don’t make that comparison.

  38. 0

    Seems to me that he knows the risk and isn’t telling us that they would never hurt him. He did save those two lions and raised them after being abandoned by their mother in a water hole (well? I couldn’t hear specifically). He raised them in his own enclosure, so he helped increase the population a little bit. If he can do what he is doing and get people to understand that these creatures are in danger or being wiped out – imagine an Africa without lions – then he is doing a great thing. I think those who are comparing him to Timothy Treadwell are missing the point…

    The point is not that we as humans can or should be ‘one of the pack’ or even that we should approach these animals (note that he told the film crew to stay in the car and leave if the lions got too close). The point is that the amazing creatures need their habitat back. He is lucky enough to be close to them, and is able to show humans that lions aren’t JUST killers. Oh yes, they can and will kill you if you are prey, but that is not all there is to it. Giving back habitat gives them their natural prey back, and lets them continue to exist as a species.

    He has a unique opportunity to increase awareness, and draw our attention. Instead of walking away from that opportunity to make a difference, he’s embraced it. Despite the risks, and not in ignorance of them.

    Why would the mother lion decide not to raise the cubs? It’s not just the lions dwindling. Their prey is dwindling too, and I’m pretty sure that some instinct for self-preservation kicks in. Everything he’s said in this video emphasizes the need to preserve natural habitats, and to limit human involvement with wild animals.

  39. 0
    Tom Castronovo says:

    You cannot compare Kevin to Timothy Treadwell. Treadwell was not an animal expert, he was a fail-actor nut job. Kevin is a zoologist, someone who is an expert on animals. Also Treadwell never seemed to connect as much with those bears as this guy does with these lions. Those Bears never seemed comfortable with him, more like they were just tolerating Treadwell. Unfortunately for him that tolerance was trumped by hunger. These lions are proably more adapted to humans too, there are cars driving around meaning it is in an area that is easily access to humans unlike the remote bear wilderness that treadwell needed a flight to get there. I don’t think you can compare the two, but saying that a wild animal is still a wild animal. I just feel these are different circumstances.

  40. 0
    Doug Mai says:

    You people make me laugh, there’s nothing SAD about it he’s been working with Lion’s for a long time and those are not Wild Lion’s, He wouldn’t just go up and hug a wild lion nor would a wild Lion come up and be as friendly as they are to him, do you people even believe what your saying. These are his Lions to which he has raised since they were baby’s, and he knows their habits and he knows when to leave them alone but he really is quite uniuqe with them and I feel they have a special bond with him. He has his own land for which he has taken in Lion’s when they are young and he forms Pride’s with all the Lion’s and he forms Bonds with all of them. It’s quite special and he loves them and they love him and even if they were to turn on him and even if he were to be killed no Lion would be put down because of it, he’s not even close to being that type of person. The people you should be MAD at and complaining about are the one’s that have Farms like Cattle, that raise Lions from Cub’s to Adult’s and then let grown men with Money come in and Pay to Hunt them for Trophy’s, so SHUT THE HELL UP about Kevin Richardson he is quite different when it comes to Lion’s and interaction, I wish I could be so Lucky because I am enthralled with Big Cats also and wish I could do the same thing’s. It’s so COOL, so rather than say stupid thing’s why not just support what he does for GOD’s creature’s and be appreciative that he’s truly trying to save a endangered speicies.

  41. 0
    Matthew says:

    Read over the negative and positive comments. A specific quote kept rising in my mind, I’ll get to it in a moment. But first, most of my view of this has already been mentioned, so I’ll not risk repeating such.

    As a Leo, this touched my heart deeply to watch this. I smiled and melted watching the beauties practically tackle hug him. In an instant I was overwhelmed in jealousy and envy, to either join him or swap places with him even for an instant… That being said, I wholeheartedly support this man and the very clear message he is voicing. I will say something directly to ALL of the negative posters. I do not care if it offends them…

    It is better to live one day as a Lion, than a thousand years as a sheep.

    This man has a true heart. He doesn’t fear them, nor the risk to his life. There is no imbalance in his mind or what ever anyone can assume about him. He lives through his passion for the magnificent beasts.

    And if you want to get down into the grit of it, a hero is a being who defends those that cannot defend themselves. Humans are more efficient at defending against humans. The beasts are not weak by any means, but they can’t defend against cowards with rifles. Dauntless and brave humans can. So for these beauties to have a few extra years in fairly safer conditions than if they were left to they own devices, they’d be poached to extinction.

    What will they kill next? What happens when there is nothing left to poach? Imagine the hunger games without the fashion (Maybe even with, who knows.) Imagine the Earth from the movie Wall-E. The desolate planet barely clinging to life. Poaching is part of that result. Bored and malicious humans.

    Personally, I feel justice in this age is too lenient on their kind. I believe the punishment for poaching should be life in prison or death. Hell I’ll even be the warden of the prisons.

    And I’m sure I’ll catch heat from the overly passive and anti violent sheep, but whatever. I’ve said my peace. The man is a hero in my eyes, and I know he is living a life I could only envy, maybe one day I too can share even a shred of this level of joy he has… So long as we get that prison in place in time…. Okay guys, off topic… Let’s make a kickstarter to fund a new prison… and an island, let’s buy an island and found a neutral country just for the prison and port….

    1. 0
      Matthew says:

      And edit to my OP “So for these beauties *not* to have a few extra years in fairly safer conditions than if they were left to they own devices, they’d be poached to extinction.

  42. 0
    Lisa says:

    Whether you agree or disagree with what Kevin is doing, and no matter how it ends up for him, he is enjoying an amazing interaction with nature that you never will. The only ignorance here is the extreme negativity and vehemence being shown to another human being.

    1. 0
      Matt says:

      Should I jump into a volcano so I can experience nature like no one else too. NO because that would be dumb just like playing with wild animals. He will die just like many other animal trainers and your so called nature experts. And it will be people like you who feel bad……..have some common sense. Smh

  43. 0
    Jenny says:

    I am pretty sure Kevin is well aware of the dangers and possible repercussions of being close to these wild animals. But, it’s a risk and a choice he willingly and consciously makes out of his love and passion for these animals. How many of us can say that out of our love and passion and care for something that we are wiling to take such a stand for it, even if we know we may die of it? Because as we take a stand for that thing it fulfills us and if we don’t take a stand for it, then it kills us just the same. He’s so filled up with pure love and passion for his cause that it’s admirable. I wish there were more people like that. And he loves what he does so much that he’s willing to die doing it. Now, that’s a statement. It’s beautiful and poetic for he knows that at the end of his life, he will look back knowing that he did what he wanted to do and because of that, he fulfilled his joy, happiness and mission and the rest of nobody else’s business. We all have to die someday. Why not die doing something we love, or die for a cause we love and believe in? Plenty of men and women die everyday for their countries. Do we judge that? Who can really judge anyway? We are all of God, but we are not GOD.

  44. 0
    Steve Soderstrom says:

    Thinking these animals will turn on him one day is exactly the type of ignorant thinking thats kept us from the truth about animals for years. Studies have shown that usually animals strike because they are afraid or feel you are a threat. Kevin has literally become a part of the pride. He is one of them. If you think he’s going to go out like Steve Irwin well… Kevin’s not jumping on the lions back and wrestling them (may Steve rest in peace.) He’s doing this to help save the lions and hyenas. So let’s keep it about that.

  45. 0
    Jordan Marie says:

    This is truly beautiful and captivating. Yes they are wild animals, or tamed animals, and nothing can overcome animal instinct but hoping for this man’s death or being a buzzkill is truly awful. He’ll die doing what he loves, not many people can say that in today’s society because for a lot of people, that person isn’t truly passionate about it in life. Everyone does the day to day, get the next paycheck and move up. But how many of you love it? Are passionate about it? Would do anything for it? I know I would in my line of work. And he does the same. This is inspiring and raises awareness that one our most beautiful creatures is dying out. I know I can’t imagine Africa without its Lions.

  46. 0
    Maria says:

    Why are some of you posting negatively? It is HIS life and he does whatever he pleases. It is really none of anyones business to explain what could happen or how he is being whatever you have to say… Why do any of you care? why do ANY of you try to prove your point so much? It seems to me like most of you are more annoyed over the fact that you cant change others mind than to give an Important lesson out there. YES, I do understand it is dangerous at some point, but why do any of you have to even care if you dont know him. God I really wish I could understand why some people care enough about bringing others down to the point where they keep “wasting their time” replying just to see who is wrong and who is not… All of the negative posts can shove their education and their opinions wherever they want, and I understand I am giving an opinion as well against the people who are being plain rude, but I do care about it on the contrary, because Im sick of seeing negative people being rude to others who are just being inspirational. If he does die “doing what he loves” and you think that statement is stupid, how about you go and buy yourself an animal, and if you dont get close enough to it to literally cry when thet die then you are just heartless. He is not just putting himself in risk just because, Im sure he loves them like if they were humans, family.

  47. 0
    Mary says:

    To all of the negative comments: Do you honestly think that this man cares what you say or think? Do you really think he will read your comments? He made his decision to do what he loves a long time ago regardless of what people like you think of him. This video was not made to offend. If you’re not uplifting or bringing anything other than joy to this, then why are you here? This man knows his risks, but that is his passion. -And what a wonderful and noble passion that is! If people in this beautiful world (like us) would actually have a passion (that is not for one’s self gain), how much more pure would this earth be? I strongly believe in doing what you love. Contrary to what you think, if this man dies doing what he loves, then what part of that is sad? Death? Everyone dies. In fact, you are technically dying as we speak. As humans, we have a fear of the unknown. No one knows what will happen in 20 years, not even the Lion Whisperer. Also, I am going to go on a limb and say that you do not have a personal relationship with this man nor his family, and from what your negativity screams about you is that you do not care about him. So why does this bother you so? Are you THAT egotistical and have such a huge need to be right? Not even the genius scholar Emily (who reminded us that she is STILL a STUDENT) knows much about these gorgeous creatures, only knowledge from books and possibly some self research or case studies, has no personal experience with them. His message to the world is for us to be givers, to help those who cannot help theirselves, aka the wildlife. There is a whole magnificent world out there waiting to be seen and you can see if you choose to get out of your comfortable, sheltered life. Please re-evaluate your life if what I said offends you.

    Live your life to the fullest.
    See the world.
    Love passionately.
    Be happy,
    & be healthy. ❤

  48. 0
    Dean Evangelista says:

    Humans are not generally on a lion’s menu. Tigers, however, kill about 300 humans per year, mostly in India. The animal that kills more humans than any other is the mosquito.

  49. 0
    Brian says:

    The real problem here is human overpopulation. Why is it that nature habitat is disappearing? Because there are too many humans and we take the animal’s habitat. The solution: sterilization. There should be a law that limits each couple to have a maximum of 2 kids. That way, the population would never grow and it would actually decrease since not everyone has kids, or some couples might only have 1 child. Will this solve all of our problems? No. But it will help. It will also buy us some time in that we’re not destroying our planet as fast as possible. And hopefully future generations will be smart enough to find solutions to our problems, such as energy needs.

    1. 0
      mbiyimoh ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      i think you brought up a great point here. habitat loss is by far the biggest driver of species destruction and there’s nothing to indicate our population growth will level off anytime soon.

  50. 0
    Kevin Bobek says:

    These animals have been tamed and released into the wild. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a huge fence around the perimeter of where they were shooting the film. If these would have been wild lions the so called “Lion Whisperer’s” face would have been eatin off! Don’t be believe everything you see on the internet or TV people.

  51. 0
    Marc Linn says:

    It is a beautiful video, and I agree that Kevin has the right to do whatever he wants with his life. But I also think Don and Emily are making plenty of sense. I don’t read their comments as “negative” or trying to control Kevin’s life — just pointing out a bit of reality about the whole thing.

    Somebody else made a good point too: if Kevin does get hurt by one of the lions, which most seem to agree could in fact happen, the lion (or lions) involved will likely be shot. Nobody likes this outcome, yet it is a real possibility, like it or not.

    My guess is that there is a lot of “magical thinking” involved in the criticisms of Don’s and Emily’s (mine too most likely) posts. Yes, it would be nice if … etc etc. But I’m a big believer in reality, defined as that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.

    Best of luck to Kevin and the lions. And the quality of the video is amazing!

  52. 0
    John says:

    Actually you are all missing the BIGGER point. Who cares if he dies at a lions hand (it would be unlikely, and he would have died happy). THE DANGER is that these lions will assume all humans are friendly, and will get closer and closer to humans and (in fear) be killed as they will be getting too comfortable….there are 7 billion humans, I don’t care if we lose one. But we’ve lost too many wild animals…

    1. 0
      asinger121998 says:

      I wondered about that too, the lions and hyenas losing their fear of humans (which is a good fear to have because it generally keeps us separated and preserves both), and they start wandering into villages or up to “tourists”.

  53. 0

    Reblogged this on Sunflower Eyes Blog and commented:
    This is absolutely amazing! This man actually hugs Lions and Hyenas! How does he create such an intimate relationship with theses animals. He is indeed the Lion Whisperer! Everyone should take a minute to watch this video. It’s amazing and completely adorable! I want to cuddle with a Lion!

  54. 0
    Nsikak Elijah says:

    Lol…its really funny seeing this emotional comments…”its so captivating”, ”i really evny him”, ”i also love big cats”… You think these lions aint wild cos they grew up with him? You think they dont know that kelvin aint a feline? Just you wait till the day they are hungry… Then you will know that a canivore dont care about nobody. If its hungry and you taste nice, its bon appetit. The problem with humanity is that we always think we can tame nature. We think we can cuddle it into something we want it to be. Just you wait till the day that lion smells blood around and desires some… I hope it never happens but it it does, kelvin is gonna be steak.

  55. 0
    Len says:

    The issue here is what is best for the animals, not Kevin. Kevin’s interaction with the lions is only going to get the lions killed. Through him, they are more trusting of humans and we all know where that will get them.

  56. 0
    Robert says:

    I’ll agree with most of the posters on this thread by saying that this was a moving video. That said I was concerned when the lion broke off the Mirror on the truck and started chasing it.

  57. 0
    ASinger says:

    To those who are commenting that Kevin raised the lions he is interacting with from cubs – from what I saw there are just two lions that fit that description. The other lions he was shown interacting with earlier in the video are wild lions, raised by lions. Ditto for the hyenas (wild, raised by other hyenas), unless I missed something.

    Based on what I saw and heard in the video, I kind of assumed that he probably came across those two cubs that were dumped in the river while observing (and perhaps interacting with) wild lions, and decided to care for them. They are two of apparently several or even many lions that he interacts with but he didn’t raise them all.

    I tend to think that at some point this situation will take a turn for the worse as we have seen with many such people over the years (e.g., the bear guy, Steve Irwin, various whale “trainers”). Not because lions and hyenas are vicious maneaters, but because they are wild and no human can totally predict the way they will react to external factors, nor defend themselves in case of an attack. A lion or hyena need not intend to kill a person to do so, but if they do intend to kill, they certainly will.

    I would also bet that Kevin would prefer to have lived his life as he has, in the company of these amazing animals, and perhaps die by their hand (or paw), then to not have had these experiences at all. And that is his choice.

    1. 0
      Purre says:

      Yeah, the video is misleading. He did not find 2 orphaned lions and then raised them. He raises plenty of lions, he does not only raise them from cubhood but from birth. They are born on his farm, both the lions and the hyenas. Professionally, he charges for photo opportunities with animals that are otherwise impossible to get, such as this clip:
      That is what they are. Models.

  58. 0
    Rachel says:

    This is beautiful and very neat! I just don’t understand why people feel the need to post their negative comments calling the man an idiot. You don’t know him and even if that were true or if you did, it’s not your life. So you’re just posting negative crap to be negative, not cause you genuinely care about his life and him being alive. People just amaze me.

  59. 0
    Craig says:

    The guy is doing something he loves and if you took the time to watch you must certainly have been interested. Who wouldn’t wanna do that? He’s just got the balls. I can definitely appreciate his affection. He’s living a dream. Plenty of people have died doing what they love at a high risk career. Asronauts, Boxing, Auto racing, more importantly emergency and rescue and military, etc. God Bless this guy and be happy for him.

  60. 0
    Fergie says:

    It is so obvious there is a mutual admiration between this man and the lions. A respect that very few of us will ever know. It is beautiful, serene and amazing. If we could all just have this loving relationship with animals, what a wonderful world this would be.

  61. 0
    suzanne says:

    everybody is debating the comparison to mr. grizzly, but nobody has brought up the more apt comparison to siegfried and roy. this kind of behavior is not cool. nobody should have lions as pets or make them the subjects of social experiments for their personal enjoyment or gain. this is selfish behavior and the bevy of comments showing envy and awe reveal the selfish nature of people with respect to wild animals.

    1. 0
      Erin says:

      They’re not his pets and they’re not social experiments. If you actually listened to what he was saying you’d understand that he’s trying to put out a message: Humans are destroying the natural environment and destroying habitats for species like the lions. His main goal is to increase awareness and that lions are animals just like us.

    2. 0
      Tony says:

      Just because someone has the ability to communicate with nature does not mean this is a bad thing. I see no harm being done here and I am positive he is aware of the risks involved. What is the difference with this and someone’s dog or cat at home other then scale and the fact that these animals are free? I think you are completely wrong, this is not selfishness one bit, it’s a gift and unfortunately I do believe that in time this will expire and there will be consequence for this man, it can be simply playful events gone wrong or a point/misunderstanding being made for ranks but like any other daily risk we humans take this is hardly selfish. Selfishness is someone keeping an animal like this in a cage at home as a pet and being killed in the process. If this man dies because he is trying to understand and interact with nature while in nature then this in my opinion is bravery and well earned. You Suzanne are selfish for not wanting to understand our connection with nature that most of us have long forgotten how to do and would rather destroy it for our own advancement.

      1. 0
        Alex says:

        I think is accurate to bring Sigfewd and Roy to the debate since that is a perfect example of animal instincts endurance. Why is the comment dumb?

    3. 0
      Danielle says:

      Suzanne, were you paying attention at all? It is a wildlife preserve and he is a conservationist working to regain more natural habitats/space for the species. His filming them is only for raising awareness for the cause. Pay attention before you espouse ignorant opinions.

      1. 0
        PJ says:

        I agree. These animals are in their natural environment, hunting and living their lives as a lion should…they just have an extra member of their pride. He’s trying to create a better awareness so that people just don’t shun or ignore this species out of existence. I’d say he’s doing a hell of a lot more good than people with their negative comment are.

      2. 0
        Alex says:

        Huebert, your reply is shortsighted, what Suzanne is pointing to is the obvious unnatural behavior of this guy. This kind of stunts get people eaten by bears or stung by stingrays. These guys are, in the end, the perfect example of mankind’s ignorance of nature. Is like those videos of animals of different species interacting momentarily as if they were friends or loved each other. It is all a product of the immature human understanding of nature.

    4. 0
      kyle says:

      I think thats the difference with him and everyone else… there not his pets and hes not theirs. They are not out of there natural habitat and caged daily, they have obviously accepted him as one of there own… looks straight out of the jungle book.

      1. 0
        Chelsea says:

        What is the difference between interacting with a dangerous species and getting in a car everyday to drive to work? In both situations you are putting your life in another’s hand.

    5. 0
      Brad says:

      I disagree. What he’s doing is interacting with them on a personal level, not as a superior. If you watched the whole video, you’ve heard him say where he fits in in the animal hierarchy, and it’s never at the very top (though sometimes very near). On top of that, he’s positing the idea of preservation without human interaction. Maybe other people are relaying the selfishness of human beings, but not this guy.

    6. 0
      Kyle hamm says:

      So… I’m selfish because I care about animals and would love to have a relationship with a lion pride like he does?? Are your retarded?? you seem to think that everyone wants to lock a lion up in their backyard on a chain. Instead of ragging on others about their opinions why not accept that everyone has one and no one wants to hear yours if your opinion is simply that you dislike others feelings and ideas. Especially if your opinions don’t make any sense. Seriously how is to selfish to covet what he has?? He treats those animals with more respect than you ever would! He visits them in ther own habitat an the only outside equipment is a camera and his vehicle.. Yeah he is obviously SOOOO cruel and evil… Should quite obviously not be allowed to go there and pet them and play with them. Some people … Wow…

      1. 0
        lila says:

        I personally think it’s a terrible idea. I understand what he’s trying to do, but it’s incredibly selfish. I also think, like most attempts to try something like this, it will end badly. Maybe he won’t be hurt, but socializing with animals like that, will only encourage them to try and interact with humans later, and either other people will get hurt, or the lions could be killed. I am an animal lover and have a ton of respect for the species, but don’t have much respect for human beings impeding on them. And fyi using the word “retarded” is really offensive and shows how intelligent you are….smh

    7. 0
      Inosolan says:

      He’s not keeping these lions as pets, they’re out in the wild. They’re not tame to humans, and for that reason the rest of the crew stays in the car. This man just happens to have a connection to these animals so that they recognize him as one of their own, rather than prey. He’s not “training” them.

    8. 0
      Andrew says:

      I’d be interested to know how you were able to discern this man’s malicious intentions from such a short video, particularly when it seems to indicate a deep reverence and respect for the animals. He even mentioned that fear was not the tactic he used in cultivating a relationship (Unlike so many “whip and chair” stage shows). He raised these animals when they were abandoned by their mother and he has a continued relationship with them. He knows them personally and they answer to his call. He likened the relationship to that human-human relationship. I don’t see the selfishness, I just see love.

    9. 0
      Katie says:

      He’s not keeping them as pets, and he’s not doing this selfishly. They live on a reserve, and he’s trying to show people that even though lions, and hyenas can be deadly, they should not be killed for the sake of sport. He is not denying these animals of their basic instincts, thus he isn’t creating an environment where the animals feel the need to attack. These animals could have chosen to rip his head off, yet they remain docile, because he sees them for what they are; animals that should be respected. The man who decided to be surrounded by grizzlies did it for personal gains, same as if you lock up a tiger, force it to do tricks, and expect it to just be a faithful lap dog. These people didn’t have good intentions in mind, and I believe animals, big and small alike can sense that. I’m not saying that everyone who wants to save animals should go out and become a part of a pride, however, I’m also not for shaming a man that’s only trying to conserve a species.

    10. 0
      Matt D. says:

      lol what? do you like to stir up debates that don’t exist just for the sake of argument? he goes and plays with lions that live in the wild, and then he leaves…. get off your high horse

    11. 0
      Fern says:

      Suzanne you are correct. we should just leave them alone. we all would love to hug and touch them but we shouldn’t invade their territory no matter how much we want to be a part of their lives. that WANT is a typical selfish human instinct. we want, want, want.

    12. 0
      Paul says:

      “this kind of behavior is not cool” – you are an idiot…
      this is way more than just cool. IT’S FREAKING AWESOME!!!
      this man and his family have spent years taking care and feeding these animals (not just the lions) and have also gone out of their way (more than perhaps anyone else) to put everything on the line to provide for them. and you are concerned that “this is selfish behavior” … for who?

    13. 0
      John says:

      Suzzane, in society we are taught that we are nothing more than animals, that have evolved from the same cells billions of years ago. Your comment makes me consider that “widely theory” I.e. evolution. So in a sense, are we not entitled to it? Entitled to the idea that we as humans, top of the food chain, can exercise that title? The lions seemed to enjoy it? Is that not the whole theme of the human race in society this very day? That I, you, my neighbor etc. Feels a certain way, such as gay, or mis-gendered or “not normal” have the right to pursue it?

      I’m not trying to say you are wrong. I agree that we should at least consider the consequences. But as we continue to push towards a new way of thinking and a abandon morality. Should we not consider that this is a product of how we are told to feel?

      1. 0
        Joe says:

        John, there’s just one small misstep about your argument. We are allowed to pursue our feelings/goals/dreams (wtv u wanna call it) ONLY until the point where it interferes with other’s rights. One could argue that lion’s rights are in danger, because are being humanized (and that’s not a good thing on the long run).
        As to the example you pointed out, pursuing our sexual orientation (wtv it might be) doesn’t not interfere with anyone’s rights.
        We are in fact abandoning morality (THANK “GOD”) but we are approaching ETHICS! Which is way better imo! 50 years ago women couldn’t vote due to morality…

    14. 0
      Dustin says:

      How is this in anyway selfish behavior? He doesn’t own any of these animals. This is an amazing thing that shows if you are in tune with your natural being that animals will not see you as prey or “enemies” . He has no fear with them and they have no fear of him, its beautiful and it’s a shame you can’t see that. I’d rather see this man play with Lions than see every other person own a house cat.

    15. 0
      Fred says:

      Suzanne, you are too petty to see the sheer magnitude of what this man has achieved. Your outlook on it bringing up those circus animals of siegfried and roy, is atrocious. You suck, big time.

    16. 0
      Chelsea says:

      He saved them and has helped raised them in the wild. The wild is the key term there. They aren’t pets. The envy is how amazing it is to see someone have such a pure, genuine heart that can be sensed by animals and doesn’t possess the fear to limit him from interacting with them, that is a gift. I agree wild animals shouldn’t be caged and domesticated, but I think people look for something negative to say about something beautiful. Especially if he is bringing awareness to the possible distinction of lions. Look at it for what it is.

    17. 0
      renee says:

      suzanne; I disagree! I think initially God created man to have relations w/ animals just like this…and he will again one day. it even says; “The lion will lay down w/ the lamb”! I think he’s respectful because he’s in am I.

      1. 0
        daneharris says:

        Agreed! We are the world’s shepherds as God intended. And man, have we been doing a shitty job at it. I’ts people like this who show us nothing but respect, truthful knowledge and an understanding of such beautiful creatures that we need more of. It saddens me to know, like many of the Big Cats, that there are so few left in the wild. This man is an inspiration. I wish I could do something even close to the level he is doing for them.

        He’s also changed my perspective on Hyenas as well. Not the dirty, sneaky scavengers that popular opinion seems to show. Just another of God’s beautiful creatures.

        God bless!

    18. 0
      Heather says:

      Yes, this is neat but it isn’t smart. The lions he has formed bonds with now do not see humans as a threat. Also, after this video I’m sure there will be more people that get killed by lions trying to be like this guy.

    19. 0
      David Frew says:

      Suzanne if you listened to the guy he reared the cubs after their mother abandoned them and dropped them in a river. The guy’s interaction with them is not for personal gain or social experiments and most definitely he does not see them as his pets. Who wouldn’t enjoy such interaction and show of affection from such wild animals. Clearly the lions show of affection demonstrates there is no wrongdoing whatsoever and spectacularly demonstrates a social display of affection towards a human being from a truly wild and magnificent species!! I ask you what knowledge and experience you have with nature apart from fertilising the ground with all the dung that falls out of your mouth!! Now please do 1 ya banger!!!!

    20. 0
      Lou says:

      Anyone who calls this selfish is missing the point. What he’s doing is the absolute opposite of “selfish behavior”. It’s actually self-less, because he is undoubtedly putting himself in some very dangerous situations. The entire point of this video, as stated in the video, is to raise awareness for the struggling plight of the lion and their vanishing habitat. Therefore everything he is doing is FOR THE LIONS. Do you think there is any bigger advocate for the survival and proper treatment of these beautiful animals than this man? If you think they are better off left alone you are sorely mistaken. They require action, awareness, protected habitats and funding to survive.

    21. 0
      TIGER23NAS says:

      Hi Suzanne, Happy New Year.
      I think their may be a little miss understanding with what he is trying to achieve with that video.
      I think he is trying to show people the importance of preserving their habitat so that we can still see these beautiful creatures in 20 years!

    22. 0
      Cody says:

      Really? He his out petting animals. He is not conducting experiments, or caging these animals. Hell he even talks about trying to repopulate Africa’s wildlife. Siegfried and Roy paraded animals around for the amusement of others and locked them in cages. This man is showing these animals love. If I go out and make a video of me walking through the woods petting random deer and feeding them am I going to be put on the chopping block? Deer aren’t as lethal as Lions you say? What should that matter. A wild animal is a wild animal. This man has done this for a while now and decided to let the public view this time. You really care so much about animals? Look at the new way they are trying to farm chickens in metal contraptions that hold their comatose bodies in place. Get up in arms about something that matters.

    23. 0
      Ryan says:

      Many reserves in Africa are attempting to familiarize lions to humans in an attempt to make eco tourism safe and profitable, while providing refuge and sustainable environments for lions, etc.

  62. 0
    visit now says:

    Oh my goodness! Incredible article dude! Thank you, However I am experiencing problems with your RSS. I don’t understand why I can’t join it. Is there anybody having the same RSS problems? Anyone who knows the answer will you kindly respond? Thanx!!

  63. 0
    John Mo says:

    Do you know what the lion is whispering? DINNER!! And as far as him dying happy, he will be screaming and soiling himself as they tear him apart. Just hope no one else tries to help lest they end up the same way.

  64. 0
    jurdak0509 says:

    It’s cute until this wild animal gets pissed and decides to bite him in the jugular….then everyone will want it killed. Leave wild animals alone. They are not pets!

    1. 0
      Lauren says:

      Yeah, they’re not his pets. He owns a sanctuary in South Africa. These are animals that were raised in captivity and can’t be placed in the wild. Educate yourself before you go off on him.

    2. 0
      envromom says:

      No they are not pets and he isn’t say they are. what he is saying is we are destroying what they need to live. as a wildlife rehabber I have people say to me they are wild animals that we shouldn’t interfere, and I say to them I will leave them alone when all people leave them alone. When we stop putting barriers a long our highways so the animals can’t cross without getting trapped and killed. When we stop building house were they use to be woods. when we stop polluting the water and air. When everyone understands that we are one here. We are all connected. When one species is gone there are five other species that needed that one to survive. we are kill our selves on species at a time.

  65. 0

    Reblogged this on The Leather Library and commented:
    This has to be one of the most beautiful and endearing things I have seen in a while. I love the idea of reconnecting with nature and Richardson proves that the “beasts” that we portray all other animals but ourselves to be are not so beastly after all and do possess the emotions of that we “higher beings” possess.

    1. 0
      Doug Lawler says:

      What was the amazing thing he did for so long? Protect some bears that are already protected. Please Matt, move out of LA or New York and come live in the real world bro!

  66. 0
    bill says:

    That dude is going to get eaten one of these days just like those two idiots who were living with the Brown Bears in Alaska. Enjoy it while you can…..

    1. 0
      Tony says:

      Ditto. Timothy Treadwell and his girlfriend. It went something like this: “Now, Bear, you go away. Go away Bear. Just go away. GO AWAY. G…. RUN!” [snarl/screams]. I totally agree. It’s fascinating to see the “Beastmaster” act, but I think it’s just asking to be dinner. Also the crocodile’s buddy.

  67. 0
    Eva says:

    People are so close-minded. Even when you see it with your own eyes, you still think their intention is to eat him? If so they would have by now. We’re all mammals, and he has no fear. Who are you to say it will stop “working” so to speak. It’s right there, you saw it, and it’s amazing. So don’t be a downer about it!

  68. 0
    Karen says:

    Can the Haters leave him be? He is doing what he loves (Not hurting the animals in ANY way) and the animals do not seem to mind him. In fact, clearly, they are embracing him. If he is attacked, he goes out doing the one thing he loved which is more than I can say for most of us. Lions rock. Kevin Richardson rocks even harder! Wild, Tame, Caged… it’s all the same. AMAZING!

    1. 0
      Alex says:

      The only haters I read are the ones defending him. Read all the posting and youbwill see that all those in favor of this lion hugging begave like fanatics. My guess is most if them follow some religion and learned to be fanatics and hate differwnt opinions since childhood.

  69. 0
    Barbara says:

    Someday when The Lord Jesus Christ returns there will be a “New Heavens” and a “New Earth” and the lion will lie with the lamb…we will be able to love and play with every creature and there will be no fear…

  70. 0
    Patrick says:

    Love this. And it highlights the age-old conflict of how to get people interested in conservation. We must rely on a few (responsible) brave souls to show us the reality of the wild world (similar to the function of all zoos and aquaria). Not the best solution, but the best given our human distraction with destroying natural habitat and the species that depend on those habitats, we need people like this. Kudos.

  71. 0
    Dianna says:

    My husband and I will be returning to Tanzania for the third time this summer. Your video is amazing. Africa is our favorite place in the world to visit. Thanks for such a wonderful video and making me excited about returning.

  72. 0
    sacheeese says:

    My husband and I will be returning to Tanzania for the third time this summer and your video made me more excited than ever to return. Wonderful work and fun you do. Thanks for the video.

  73. 0

    you people are dumb some people just have better connection to animal’s and unlike some people just coz you dont get alone with them dasent mean some people don’t. so you dickhead’s come on here and talk shit like dog kunt’s i would like to see any of you worthless kunt’s do what he das so shut your fuckin mouth fuckwits. some people just shouldent talk coz what they say is JUST BULLSHIT like these idiot’s
    suzanne_Thamaini.Kinywa_John Mo


  74. 0
    jcbell says:

    So if he wants to it’s his life..he can do whatever he wishes. Why people are quick to judge, you will be judged one day if not already. And if a lion does kill him, he knew the risk. He’s got a set on him I’ll give him that!

  75. 0
    Kyle says:

    I don’t quite understand why people feel the need to take things so personally and result to verbal bashing because others have a different opinion.

    It’s obvious that this man has been accepted by these lions. He states in the video that he has been close to some, if not the majority of them since birth. Anyone can make the arguement that survival instincts may kick in, jeopardizing his life. Without any proof or any real understanding of what this man is doing however, it’s nothing more than a theory. What I could tell from the video is that he does take precautions, like only staying for the duration of daylight and staying away when they are chewing on objects. It comes down to a sense of mutual respect.

  76. 0

    Reblogged this on morvenkynoch and commented:
    What initially inspired me to Use film within my Digital narrative project for universtiy. WISH i had the £300 pound spare to buy the Go Pro camera, there is so much i would do with it. But alas, i do not get any financial help from the government with my university studies, i am constatntly struggling just to pay petrol to be in uni as much as they want us to be. And the amount of time they want us to use to study for the degree leaves me with very little time even to get dinner for myself some evenings or have and commit to a job that would supply me with enough money to survive and attend uni, BA Hon’s degrees are certainly not a walk in the park. But all that considered i am finding it highly mentally engaging, and actually enjoying the opportunities being given to me to test myself and push my creative processes.

    Please check out my other blog pawsforthought at for videos of my world from a small dogs perspective.

    1. 0
      Alex says:

      Your post is probably the best. I dontoo would love to play with such a beautiful animal the way Kevin does, but I am also doubtful of the benefits and my guess we will soon see the “lion hugging” tours offered at low prices.

    1. 0
      HM says:

      I think what this guy is doing is self serving and assuming. I can’t imagine it being good for these animals to build such a trusting relationship with humans, when there is a high incidence of poaching in those parts of the world. I see a man who is meeting his needs without really understanding or taking into consideration his impact on these beautiful animals.

      1. 0
        mbiyimoh ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

        the animals in the video are ones he saved when they were abandoned as infants. without him they never would have made it to adulthood in the first place. i don’t think he promotes trying to build these kinds of relationships with all lions and points out in the video that his relationship with those particular lions is a special one.

      2. 0
        P.R. Tooke says:

        So anyone who studies, befriends or tries to make others of our species understand better our need to help these animals is only serving themselves? Let me make it even clearer, given the rate of current extinction, we know what will happen if we do nothing, so where is the negative is trying something other than what we have been doing?

      3. 0
        Sam says:

        Um do you not notice the other guys in the landrover. There is a reason for that. You want to know why it’s not very hard to grasp. There still wild Lions. Those two males alone way at least 400 pounds each or more. They are still killing machines. Plus poachers are assholes who hunt at night with spotlights just to keep the rich pricks happy.

      4. 0
        Daniel says:

        Richard is raising awareness about lions and how they are becoming an endangered species. He’s not encouraging trusting relationships with humans but showing what amazing creatures they are. They built a relationship with a human not humans. I see an idiot commenting on a video to meet is needs without really understanding or taking into consideration what he is saying.

      5. 0

        You’re joking, right? You do realize that barring any cataclysmic event (or Jesus coming to collect), the only lions remaining will be that which reside in a zoo. We are growing as a populous. Free range territories are shrinking. It is inevitable. Move to Africa and assist with anti-poaching efforts, but saying this is self-serving would be the same as telling someone who can fly not to jump off a cliff.

      6. 0
        Ty says:

        Yes- Because the millions of people made aware of the lion numbers depleting aren’t at all worth it. I wouldn’t be on this site talking to you about lions if this guy had not been doing what hes doing. Hes starting a conversation and getting the ball rolling on a idea that is bigger than your ego. Boggles my mind that you try to find negativity out of a story like this.

      7. 0
        AF says:

        You are 100% correct. As beautiful as these creatures are, they need to be afraid of humans because humans are the real monsters in this world. Killing for amusement, instead of purpose.

      8. 0
        Davis B says:

        Well think of it this way, without him the lion population would still be decreasing, but instead, you wouldn’t have any idea about it. All of his lions are in a preserve he created himself, free from poachers. It’s a mutualistic relationship.

      9. 0
        J. Jordan says:

        I think that you underestimate their mental abilities. These animals would not let other humans into their circle, I think that animals have some subconscious ability to understand the intentions of an individual.

      10. 0
        richard says:

        Yes such trusting relationships should be avoided with lions. Just imagining what it would be like to invite a lion for a pint at my local pub. Seriously though, don’t think poachers are interested in building such relationships, a fully armed rifle is usually what they use to get what they want, regardless of how trusting these beautiful and endangered creatures are or are not.

      11. 0
        Parker Pease says:

        so basically having a relationship with an animal is always self serving? The lions chose to accept him and love him they have a brain and can decipher things fairly well. This guy is giving them affection which with anything i find hard to believe as harmful. I find this fascinating and would love to meet this guy and possibly have him bring me out to see his animal families. He isn’t obstructing anything natural. He has a bond and it is that simple. Nothing is wrong with what he is doing. It would be like saying raising a human child with affection is bad because there are bad people that you can’t trust and will kill you for fun.

      12. 0
        Sindy says:

        I understand your concern but it’s rather small minded in my opinion. For too long humans have regarded all animals as beneath us. They are different no doubt but just as complex and deserving of respect. This guy and others like him are helping to broaden our understanding and expand our relationship with them and eventually they will be seen as valuable beings as opposed to valuable belongings and thus help to bring an end to poaching.

      13. 0

        These beautiful animals are also smart enough to trust him, specifically, and not any random human who comes along. They reminded me of my cat, only they’re a hundred times bigger. My cat does these running leaps and cuddles, but only with me — he would never expose himself to a stranger.

      14. 0
        James says:

        I’ve seen other people like him who have built strong relationships with wild cats, and the fact is, they know him, and avoid other humans. Why do you think the camera crew had to protect themselves? These lions and hyenas stay away from humans they don’t know.

      15. 0
        Tony Collins says:

        There is always a hater somewhere. Instead of appreciating how rare and amazing this is. you see something wrong. Congrats nice to know people like you are alive and well. Hmm I wonder when you see a solar eclipse do you worry how dark its getting, or how dangerous it is. Especially if you look directly at it. Can’t wait for people like you to finally die out and let the rest of the world evolve and become more connected with the universe.

  77. 0
    Heather says:

    I hate to be a buzzkill, but is it good for wild lions to think humans are friends? Wouldn’t it serve them better to avoid us as much as possible? What if the next human they come to “play” with has a gun & thinks the lion is attacking? Seems to me this guy should be eaten and Go Pro should find new, less detrimental, ways to advertise.

    1. 0
      reyajoy says:

      I think it was fairly evident that he wasn’t promoting human friendship between the lions and other humans. If that were the case, I think he would have tried to integrate his film team into the situation and assist them in gaining the trust of the lions. We see none of that. Rather we see him step back and let the lions chase them off. I think the fact that he saved the lions as cubs and raised them is key. He obviously has a unique relationship with animals. He is indeed a whisperer, but the reality is, he’s a rescuer. There’s an element of interference with all rescue, but it has to occur. I commend his work, and greatly appreciate his approach in allowing most of us who will never get to see a wild animal in its own habitat and still get to see the sides of its character and personality that would endear us to it. Most people have hearts and are less inclined to wish a person be eaten by the animals they saved, but to each their own, Heather… But it certainly doesn’t sound like you hate anything about being a buzzkill… Right? Just kill the guy, and get on with the good stuff? In my opinion, human attitude can be just as detrimental (if not more) than anything you were referencing. Just a thought. Maybe you might like to volunteer, and Go Pro could send you out there to see if your theory about this guy making wild lions think humans are friends is correct? No, I’m kidding. I wouldn’t want you to do that, because it would be bad… very bad. No buzzkills needed to prove a point. Just a little understanding and kindness goes a long way. Also, a little consideration and less negativity would make such a happy world. Don’t ya think?

    2. 0
      Sheena Sachs says:

      Oh my God…it just kills me that you truly think this. You have missed the point completely. Don’t let your fear of these animals interfere with the purpose of this video. Most humans are afraid of these animals, it’s only instinctual, hence why they carry guns. Hence why there is a problem related to extinction. The only thing I see from this video is that Kevin has a unique and rare relationship with these animals, unlike anything we’ve seen before. Even unlike the Crocodile Hunter, much different. Steve had a tendency to provoke. But he was still amazing, and up until his tragic death he was generating invaluable knowledge of these creatures THROUGH his relationships and because he was brave and curious.

    3. 0
      mbiyimoh ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      he actually adopted those lions when they were abandoned as infants so they see him as a part of their pride, rather than a human friend. you’ll note in the video that he tells the camera crew to stay in the car, since the lions aren’t familiar with them and would therefore still be aggressive towards them (they show this aggression a few times).

      but the point you make is very valid. “befriending” lions is definitely not the healthiest way to save them, but i think he moreso wanted to show that they have an emotional side just like we do, and are not simply beasts and brutes.

      thanks for your comment!

      1. 0
        Jenna says:

        Yes very true. This video does not mean lions are not dangerous and wild. I would not recommend doing this and there have certainly been far more people who have died trying to approach wild animals than not. Therefore, use your common sense. Hugging wild animals: good idea or bad? I think we all know the answer. This is the real world not Madagascar.

      2. 0
        Paige says:

        Along with promoting the importance of preserving and allowing for natural habitat in order to keep these beautiful animals as a part of the world we live in

    4. 0
      Patrick says:

      You hate to be a buzzkill? Really? You missed the whole point of the video and your comments prove that. I’ve never went out hunting with open arms and a kind voice to lure in my prey, but I respect the animals lives that I am hunting as much as this man in the video. I hunt and fish for meat and feel the prey I take deserve a humane and quick death. Lions and hyena’s don’t make good table fare to me so therefore I would not even consider harvesting one. People like you who leave STUPID comments like “this guy should be eaten and Go Pro should find new, less detrimental , ways to advertise” are who this guy is trying to EDUCATE! So, please, ‘educate’ yourself and become aware of what this man is trying to make people like understand and free yourself from your ignorance. Ignorance is NOT being STUPID; just misinformed. Your comments were, really STUPID.

      1. 0
        Patrick says:

        If my ‘comment is awaiting moderation’ and is changed in any way; then the people who are responsible for this are as ‘ignorant’ as Heather who made the STUPID comments.

    5. 0
      Will says:

      You obviously did not watch the video. The next human that comes to “play” with lions would be attacked. Just because they lions befriended a human that raised them from birth does not mean that all lions are now desensitized to humans. Lions are intelligent creatures. Did you not see how the camera crew in the car was chased off by the lions due to there presence and scent? Do you think that any human that walks into a pride’s territory will be embraced like that? Of course not, they would be killed on the spot. Why do you think his crew stayed in the car and protected themselves with cages? As the poster above said, he is welcomed because he raised them from a young age and they view him as a member of the pride. No sane human will go out to “play” with lions due to a video they watched online

    6. 0

      They won’t see all humans as friends, if you noticed he didn’t have his crew get out of the car because the lions would have attacked them. The only reason they are like this with him is because he raised them

    1. 0
      Daniel says:

      Disgusting and crosses all sorts of ethical boundaries? I seen some stupid, ignorant and naive comments but this one may take the cake. I’m surprised he/she can spell.

      1. 0

        Mountains..I’m not going to comment bash you..But I would like to add here that everyone in this world has the right to their own opinion, with that said if you feel that this is “this is disgusting and crosses all sorts of ethical boundaries. what an idiot, and what a terrible way to promote conservation.” that is YOUR opinion. As for myself I feel that this man and his video shows that lions CAN be gentle and have feels just like your average house cat..and there for need to be saved. It is common knowledge that you don’t just walk up to a wild or a captive lion and give it a hug or pet it ! ! As many people have said (as well as the man in this video) he rescued these lions as CUBS and pretty much saved their lives, yes he is still risking his life everyday; but they do see him as part of their pride there for the likely hood of them hurting him is lessened.

        I will never understand why people see the need to comment BLINDLY on a comment feed just to be rude.

      2. 0
        mbiyimoh ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

        lol some people just like to be contrarians to get attention. i like to give the trolls a chance to explain themselves- i’ve found it’s the best way to deal with them.

        thanks for your comment! glad you enjoyed the post!

    2. 0
      kyle thomas says:

      You’re an absolute moron for even obtaining that opinion. It doesnt apply to you in any way shape or form , its something the man likes to be a part of and so many more people would. If raising awareness for lions preventing them to go extinct is disgusting then i would have to re-evaluate my entire life because thats probably one of the most brave things people can do. Ethical boundaries my fuckin ass, its crossing a boundary that allows to different species to join and act as one.

    3. 0
      gregun1nd3 says:

      the only ethical boundaries crossed are those of the people who destroy the wildlife habitat. this man this “lion whisperer” is doing more than you are. he is out there promoting awareness that lion populations are down. he shows us his interactions to get people all over the world to see a more “humane and gentle” side of the lions. how they interact not just as a hunting and killing machine. is it the smartest choice hugging a lion? obviously not but you calling him an idiot is uncalled for and ignorant…

      1. 0
        Jalen says:

        Good, glad the lion population is down, do you know how many people are killed a year in africa by these crazy beasts? The only reason you care about saving them is because you don’t have to live in the danger of having your babies ripped apart at night by one of these lions.

    1. 0
      mbiyimoh ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      Yes it is quite reminiscent of the grizzly man. He acknowledged the danger involved and I think the risk is worth it to him.

      I think it’s also worth nothing that lions are much more social animals than grizzlies, which probably reduces the risk somewhat. But that being said, you can never really predict an animal’s behavior.

      Thanks for your comment!

  78. 0
    Oden's Eye says:

    I watched this video. These are wild animals. If they choose to eat him at some point there’s nothing he can do. I don’t care how much they let him snugg. I think it’s unwise for humans to risk there lives like this. It,s in humans nature to be a dominant and competitive species. Lions are the Kings and Queens of the jungle by right. Tell me you don’t see what’s wrong here. If he makes one wrong move and the animals senses this it will mean the end of his life. Animals have bad moods too. He is going to come out there on the wrong day and its going to be over for him.

    1. 0
      tdubs says:

      You should probably stick to your boring ass 9-5 desk job then. Is taking your first sip of hot coffee the most daring part of your day? You have one life, live it.

  79. 0
    rdm711 says:

    I wouldn’t consider lions raised by humans to be wild. But it got him an in with the non human raised lions (I think) kinda sounds like a husbandry program for breeding if they have a watch on the cubs and could quickly save them and he knew the mother well. But still not a good way to promote conservation which is at its heart; enjoying and leaving the wild be. And ro the point made before. He did tell them to stay on the car but of the cat approached another human whether by curiosity or mistake they won’t be “detuned” and not react. Theyll panin induce instinct and get mauled. Its kinda kool but not to be promoted.

  80. 0
    Bernet says:

    If he goes near them when they haven’t eatten anything yes they will most likely attack him, but if they’re full I think he’ll be ok. You see it’s only humans who over kills for food, and ever the animal can provide..sadly sometimes it’s just for games.

  81. 0
    April says:

    He obviously understands the danger he is in. People who respect animals already understand the chance of an intentional or accidental attack. At least most do. He made a connection and they reciprocated. It’s totally cool that they have this relationship. It’s equal and delicate yet strong at the same time. Very lovely.

  82. 0
    Love Lions says:

    Beautiful. I love this man so it was a treat to see such a wonderful video. Do you know if there is any sort of fund site towards his cause?

  83. 0
    Kim says:

    I love it! So glad there are people courageous enough to take a stand for wildlife and the environment. He is right — you can’t have one without the other. Thank you, Kevin!

  84. 0
    wildlifephotog says:

    Well done! Pure raw natural beauty! These people with their negative comments are part of the problem with this world. Thank you for sharing this amazing video!

  85. 0
    deki says:

    No one in this video is promoting the general public to go out and hug lions and hyenas. Please use common sense in your daily actions as well as your internet comments.
    I applaud RIchardson and GoPro for all they’ve done with this advertisement/documentary/conservationist plead. How often do you wake up and think “We are destroying the world we live in.”? Who cares if GoPro sells another camera because of this. We currently live in a time where we can personally document so many cool things and share it with the push of a button. I believe this privilege to share knowledge and experiences is a beautiful thing


  86. 0
    anonymous says:

    A great video to say the least, but the point that I got out of it, something I’ve been saying for years, save the animals and stop saving human lives. Save human lives, stop saving animals. We live on a finite planet that can only give so much, as modern medicine keeps pushing to new horizons, we will be saving millions of lives. As modern technology continues, we will be saving millions of lives. Were do we put these tens of millions of people that are continuing to being saved? We must move and expand taking up some other place. As of right now we live somewhere where both is not feasible. We can only protect wildlife so much until something gives.

    Yes it’s a pessimistic way of looking at it, but let’s be real. Do people really want to end up living in a super cramp slum? You take the most populous countries and they are already going higher and higher, but only at so much. In the next hundred years the prediction is that Africa’s population, being that it’s less than 15% now, to be closer to 40% of the world population. we will be adding more than 3 billion people to make it almost 11 billion if rates continue, that’s with a decline in birth rates in almost all non third world country. Factor in the amount of lives modern medicine is going to save, just where do you think people are going to be migrating to? More space for food needs to be made and more space for living needs to be made. Then what?

  87. 0

    This guy is just a fucking idiot. I am waiting for the video of the guy getting killed by one of this creature. Lions are freaking wild creature and pretty unpredictable. You never know when they will decide to make this guy one of their dinner.

  88. 0
    Albert Vermeule says:

    It is offcourse beter to love Lions and leave them in the wild instead of hunting them down for trophy’s or because you believe there bodyparts have magical powers, but this reminds me all so strongly about Timothy Treadwell, the man who lived for 13 summers in between Grizzlybears, but in the end was killed by one together with his girlfriend, because he made a mistake.

  89. 0
    Mat B says:

    Would you kindly train these lions to kill the human poacher scum who are killing the Worlds magnificent animals all over Africa? Elephants, Rhino and Gorillas deserve so much more than to end up in some potion for the Asian market. You could stick a gopro on that and that would make my day!!

  90. 0
    Bradley Wiskowski says:

    When you look at the big picture, we all are earthlings. When alive, we all have a beating heart … we all have emotions and feelings … and we all require certain attributes to survive. When you put out love into this world, you receive love back. All species have the desire to love, be loved, and express feelings. This is a beautiful story of how when at peace with nature we can coexist as man with some of the most fabled, ferocious animals on earth. When we mean no harm, and have nothing but love to give … all that’s left to receive … is love. Let this be a guiding light on how our world should optimally function going into the next generation. Even the kings of the jungles have a soft side.

  91. 0
    Nick Francoforte says:

    Kevin, this is an awesome video. I work at Disney’s Animal Kingdom driving a safari truck and see the lions most of the time. You have the ultimate experience relating to nature int heir surroundings. Just awesome!

      1. 0
        Alex says:

        Who wrote amything about domestication? INTRUSION is the word. What should ve promoted is to leave wildlife alone so it can follow its course. But no, all I can see now is people wanting to go and see or interact with this animals. Is like the Galapagos: once people bacame aware, more and more visitors travel there now and the impact is obvious. Spectacular awarenes is the doom of our times. Maybe just awareness and no hugging would be the ticket.

  92. 0
    David-Jan Bronsgeest says:

    This is what life is about. You show the world such an important message. Really fantastic footage aswell. Touched by every frame! Hope you continue doing this, because I can’t get enough of it!



    Filmmaker from Amsterdam

  93. 0
    julia says:

    The “wild” animal no longer exists. Human animals have ensured that extinction (pun intended) through our sheer volume, seemingly innate tendency to control and meddle, and destruction of our earths resources to profit a few on our own social chain. There are some animals who have not been exposed to human animals behaviors directly but all have been indirectly.

  94. 0

    A beautiful video…it takes people like Kevin to bring awareness to habitat destruction to make change. I liked how they intentionally made the point that this is a unique relationship that took years to build and that these animals aren’t domesticated pets. Although, I have to say, it would be really, really cool to scratch a lion’s chin or a hyena’s neck. :@)

  95. 0
    Jim says:

    While I don’t think this is selfish behavior and I admire this guy’s commitment and his courage, he’s playing a deadly game. I’m all for conservation, saving wildlife, and punishing poachers, but we can’t forget lions and hyenas are wild predators and are not to be thought of as cuddly housepets! Videos like this will give some people the impression that they are. It may not be selfish, but it’s extremely irresponsible.

  96. 0
    James says:

    As he said they were jumping on him from the time they opened their eyes, he knew their mother. Probably goes the same for the Hyenas yet it was unspoken. We have people with people with pet Lynx, deer, and many others that raise the creatures from birth. They do sometimes turn on them just as a pet dog or cat may do. He should mention the relationship he has had their whole loves and instill a common sense attitude for viewers too. It is truly amazing to see such a majestic animal in Africa befriend a human. Affirming they each has their own personality and heaven forbid free will to do harm. Remember that he mentioned humans have decimated these creatures. I believe that humans turn on other humans far more than these creatures do to us.

  97. 0
    MIKsss says:

    The film is remarkable. What an amazing gift he is sharing with the world. Hopefully awareness will be raised and the population decline will improve.
    Thank you so much for sharing a part of their world with us. Enjoyed!

  98. 0
    Charlotte says:

    I don’t see much comparison between Kevin Richardson and Timothy Tredwell. Anyone who has seen Grizzly Man can come to a decent conclusion of Timothy Tredwell’s motivations underlined with some questionable psychological desires and flat out bitterness to the National Park Service. What’s more is that these lions and hyenas are not 100% wild, they live in a wild environment, but have been around humans throughout the duration of their lives (not to say that why would be as comfortable with just an human as much as they are with Kevin). Nothing is black and white about this type of conservation work, Kevin’s videos are inspirational, and make the general public feel more connected to African wildlife. However, there is also the danger of habituating these animals to human presence as not all humans are there to care for them and may have quite the opposite intention. Overall, I would consider this kind of work pretty noble, past attempts to motivate people to conservation action have clearly not been sustainable, I think it’s time to get creative. It’s something you have to take with a grain of salt, a lot of us grow up with what I like to call “Lion King syndrome”, we think everything is cute and cuddly, we see elephants in the circus obeying their handlers, we see Orca whales swimming with their trainers. The cautious nature of working with any wild animal should be included as part of educational component to videos like this one.

  99. 0
    Danny says:

    Everywhere there is a cause for an animal going to extinct; to restore them, to preserve them, to rescue them, yet we forget that the dwindling animal life everywhere (especially predatory animals) is due to the growth of the human population. We aren’t saving anything, don’t fool yourselves. Only reserves can preserve animal species, but in the end that is just overreaching our dominance and domesticating another species. A trivial pursuit a day, I guess. Good luck lion whisperer, because what would really save these animals is if we died.

    1. 0
      Alex says:

      Your write the truth, no matter how sad or cruel it sounds. These animals will never live inthe wild again and we are the cause of it. No amount of hugging will change this.

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