Edward Snowden Gets Asylum Extension From Russia (Poll)

Russia has committed to extending asylum protections to Snowden. Edward Snowden was originally guaranteed protection by Russia for a year, as that year ended Russia made it clear to Snowden he did not have to worry about being sent away…

According to CNN the news about Edward Snowden’s extended asylum…

…came Friday (1/24/14) from Alexy Pushkov, a legislator who is head of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Duma, Russia’s lower house. He spoke about Snowden at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.”

Snowden is bitter-sweet about the situation, on one hand he is happy to have an extended asylum but on the other hand he has stated publicly that he thinks going back to the United States would be the best solution for all parties. Unfortunately, that does not seem possible right now, Snowden wants Whistleblower’s protection but the US will not guarantee him that.

Snowden is upset that the U.S. government’s Whistleblower Protection Act doesn’t currently cover someone like him, a former government contractor. Edward Snowden elaborated, according to CNN

There are so many holes in the laws, the protections they afford are so weak, and the processes for reporting they provide are so ineffective that they appear to be intended to discourage reporting of even the clearest wrongdoing,” he wrote. “… My case clearly demonstrates the need for comprehensive whistle-blower protection act reform.”

So as of now it seems Edward Snowden is still in a temporary position in Russia. What do you think about the situation? Do you think Snowden should come home and plea Guilty? Or do you think the US should grant him Whistleblower’s protection?

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