NASA Astronaut Talks Sochi Winter Olympics From Space (Video)

On Jan. 31st,’s Miri Kramer (@MiriKramer) interviewed NASA astronaut Rick Mastracchio about the Sochi Winter Olympics. Did we mention Rick was aboard the International Space Station?

It is funny to hear Mr. Mastracchio talk about betting food rations with the Russians over a potential hockey match-up. I think it just shows how far we have come, a man or woman can discuss a current topic with us here on Earth from space like its NBD (no big deal).

Not  only are the 2014 Sochi Olympics being discussed in space, but the actual Olympic Torch was brought to space. The torch was brought to space in November 2013 and held by fully suited astronauts outside of the Space Station in the openess of space (the torch was harnessed for safety of course).

Check out the video below to see the Olympic torch travel from Earth to Space! Credit: NASA and

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