9 Dead and Dozens Injured As Violence Reignites In Ukraine

About two weeks ago (2/5/14), The Higher Learning reported on how Ukrainian Customs was blocking shipments of aid to the protestors camped out in the country’s capital, Kiev.

The protestors have been camping out and clashing regularly with law enforcement since November, when Ukraine’s president Viktor Yanukovych scrapped an agreement for E.U. association in favor of closer ties with Russia.

Viktor Yanukovych (Photo: The Guardian)

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych (Photo: The Guardian)

The violence subsided temporarily at the end of last month, after opposition leaders called for peace while they attempted to negotiate a resolution with the government. Their demands included,

“the formation of a new government led by one of the leaders of the opposition, as well as sweeping reforms that would put Ukraine back on a path toward integration with the E.U.”

Earlier today (2/18/14) however, it became clear that the negotiations had failed and the violence resumed. Massive columns of protestors marched from their barricaded encampment in the center of the city and surrounded the nearby parliament building, where the Ukrainian parliament was in session.

Protestors clash with police (Photo: RiaNovosti)

Protestors clash with police (Photo: RiaNovosti)

Police responded by using stun grenades and rubber bullets on the crowd, which also reportedly set fire to the headquarters of president Viktor Yanukovych’s ruling party. Some protestors even launched Molotov cocktails at the police.

The clashes left 9 dead any dozens more injured.

Here’s a few more pictures from the clashes. Click an image to enlarge.

Read the full story from Time here.

Follow the twitter account @EuromaidanPR for live updates on the situation in Kiev.

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