Don’t Touch Your Phone for 10 Minutes, Provide a Day of Clean Drinking Water For a Child In Need

UNICEF recently teamed up with clothing designer Giorgio Armani for the latest campaign in the UNICEF Tap Project, which has been striving to increase access to clean water for children worldwide since 2007.

For this latest scheme, they have created a mobile website app (you don’t have to download anything) that can tell when your phone is not being used. For every 10 minutes you leave your phone alone, Armani will provide a day of clean drinking water to a child in need.

According to UNICEF, 768 million people lack access to safe, clean drinking water, 2.5 billion people live without proper sanitation and 1,400 children die every day from diseases linked directly to unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation.

Millions of children lack clean water. How long could you go without something far less vital… like your phone?

Visit the homepage of the UNICEF Tap Project on your phone and get started!

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    lj says:

    how about instead of using an app for this and making it a competition, We just feed and nourish the entire planet who is suffering.

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    Vuk says:

    I wasn’t thinking about water access until I read this post. I wouldn’t have read this post unless I was curious about the “don’t use your phone for 10 mins” gimmick. I think the campaign worked.

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      aventuramare says:

      I agree with Vuk. To be honest, although the lack of water to people in developing countries is a big problem that many people are aware of, it’s a problem that the average person (who likely owns a smartphone) in a developed country often overlooks or conveniently forgets. As much as I’d like to think of myself as a generous person, I tend push aside third world problems because I am too busy spending time own problems with work, family, social life, and yes my smartphone! The very reason I clicked on this article was not necessarily because I wanted to read about the lack of water but I saw the phrase ‘Don’t touch your phone for 10 minutes…’ UNICEF came up with a brilliant idea to make an old problem relevant and eye catching to an audience like us. The key to this campaign is awareness. Now I’m thinking about those who are in need, and reading up on the issue rather than checking instagram or fb.

  3. 0

    personally….I see this as a GREAT way to get the general populace involved! It’s not about whether or not big corporations CAN give or not without the involvement, it’s simply ABOUT the involvement! I personally don’t follow what big corporations do w/their $$$. Perhaps they already are giving. Perhaps they are just trying to get YOU involved! ….and what an easy way to do so! As one totally connected to her phone every minute of every day (yes…very ‘sad’ ;) ), I think I like this program!

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