Americans Think 75% of Politicians Are Corrupted and 70% Use Their Power To Hurt Their Enemies

Recently, the Reason-Rupe polling organization conducted a poll to gauge Americans’ views on US politicians’ morality…or lack thereof.

The poll results revealed that people think that 75% of US politicians are corrupted by campaign donations and lobbyists and 70% use their power not only to help their personal friends but to hurt their enemies. Many believe the increasing disapproval of politicians is due to the “House of Cards” syndrome, referring to Netflix’ hit series about the dark side of the political game. This may very well play a factor, but how significant a factor is hard to tell. It sure isn’t helping Congress’s image- their approval rating is at 17%.

Another interesting insight gained from the poll is how much different acts of immorality affect how we perceive a politician’s character. Surprisingly enough, the most unforgivable transgression was bullying.

A whopping 70% of people said they would be “most bothered” by finding out a politician had bullied someone using their political power, while 14% would be “most bothered” by a politician using drugs and only 11% saying they would be “most bothered” by a politician cheating on a spouse.

This video goes into more depth on the survey’s findings:


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