National Geographic Predicted What Americans Will Look Like In 2050

As part of their 125th Anniversary edition last October, National Geographic decided to publish a series of pictures predicting what the average American would look like in the year 2050. Here’s some of the images (click an image to see full size version):

Did you think those were photoshopped? If so, you’d be wrong. National Geographic predicted that by 2050, the “average American” will be of mixed race. So for their anniversary issue, they hired world famous photographer Martin Schoeller to take pictures of different mixed race people.

Their prediction is backed up by plenty of data. The year 2000 was the first time the Census Bureau even allowed people to select more than one race- 6.8 million people did so. By 2010, that number had increased by more than 30% to 9 million.

In 2010, 15% of new marriages were between members of different races, according to the Wall Street journal, who also created this graphic showing the percentage of mixed-race marriages state by state.

Hawaii has the highest rate of interracial marriage at just over 42%. Presently, mixed-race couples account for 8.4% of the total marriages in the US.

Read more from Policy Mic here.

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