Brazilian Police to World Cup Tourists: Don’t Scream If You’re Robbed

Brazilian police have prepared safety pamphlets which they plan to distribute to foreigners arriving in the country for the World Cup, which begins on June 12.

Police officer Mario Leite talked to the local daily newspaper Estado de Sao Paulo about the pamphlets. He said they advise people not to yell, react or argue with robbers. The brochures also advise visitors not to avoid flaunt anything valuable, to avoid traveling alone and to regularly check to make sure they aren’t being followed. Leite told the paper,

“Tourists coming from Europe or the U.S. don’t come frequently and aren’t used to seeing these types of crimes. Since they’re not used to it, they will react to an assault. With the pamphlets, they know not to flaunt certain objects, to be careful at night and to only walk around if accompanied.”

Arena de Sao Paulo Stadium (Photo: Reuters)

Though it may alarm some visitors, Brazilian police felt the pamphlet was necessary to deal with the realities of crime there. The murder rate in Sao Paulo, Brazil’s biggest state by far with nearly 45 million people, actually dropped in the last year. However, the number of robberies which end in murder (which the locals refer to as latrocinios) is up 9% to 385, the highest that number has been in nearly a decade.

Brazil is expecting around 600,000 visitors from across the globe for the World Cup, and will be taking emergency calls in both English and Spanish in addition to their usual Portuguese.

Read more from Bloomberg here.

A FEW MORE NOTES: A portion of the stadium pictured above actually collapsed when a crane failed during construction last November. The accident left three construction workers dead.

Also, the International Olympic Committee is apparently very concerned with Brazil being behind schedule in terms of preparations for the 2016 Summer Games in Rio.

According to The Telegraph, the IOC recently secretly asked London officials whether the facilities from the 2012 Olympic Games could be re-used.

The feature photo is from a robbery that occurred in Sao Paulo last October. The video below was captured by the victim. WARNING: Graphic Content (robber is shot at the end)

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