Meet OutRunner: The World’s Fastest Legged Robot (Video)

Colton and Sebastian from Robotics Unlimited claimed to have created, “the most advanced running robot in the world”.

The robot known as OutRunner is not just fast, it is the world’s fastest legged robot. OutRunner reaches tops speeds of up to 45 mph on a treadmill and 25 mph in outdoor testing.

Check Out the video below to see this robot in action…

Cleverly created using “biologically inspired” function, the OutRunner affectively simulates running using animal biomechanics.

Its running motion is similar to that of the Costa Rican basilisk lizard, also known as the Jesus lizard because of its remarkable ability to run on water.

OutRunner is currently raising funds on kickstarter, where you can buy your very own and support the engineers and creators behind this legged masterpiece.


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