Watch People Greet Sunrise Across the Globe By Jumping On Twitter (Graphic)

At the end of last month, Twitter released their earnings report numbers for the first quarter of 2014. Most notable among these was the announcement that the social media giant had officially surpassed 250 million users worldwide.

Pictures are always better than numbers though, so to give analysts a better idea of global tweet activity, Twitter created an awesome visualization: it shows all the mentions of sunrise (in every language) on a map which shows sunrise and sunset across the globe. Click the image below to view the interactive animation.

Despite these seemingly positive announcements by Twitter, their stock price fell 20% overnight following their earnings report. The main reason is growth, which has been slowing as of late.

Twitter predicted that they would average 260 million active monthly users for the first quarter, and fell short at only 255 million, causing investors to fear that the site has already peaked and is on the downturn, or is simply a niche product which is approaching its maximum level of users.

Read more about the recent earning report and what it means for Twitter from Mashable here.


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