GoPro Takes Us Inside The Mysterious World of Jellyfish Lake (Video)

This small, picturesque lake is located on the remote island of Eli Malk. This island is part of over 200 small islands which make up the country of Palau, a small island nation located near Japan.

Jellyfish Island

Although the lake is connected through small underground tunnels to the ocean, the lake and its inhabitants are, for the most part, totally isolated.

Check out the video below to see why Jellyfish Lake is so amazing…

Eli Malk is part of the Rock Islands, a cluster of mostly uninhabited limestone and coral islands that contain about 70 marine lakes similar to Jellyfish Lake. Though many of these other lakes contain their own jellyfish, none of them have as high of a concentration of golden jellyfish as the lake on Eli Malk.

Because of the extreme isolation, the golden jellyfish inside Jellyfish Lake have evolved into their own unique species over time. Many believe that other new species may have evolved from their relatives in nearby lagoons as well. 


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