This Biologist Is Capturing the Mysterious Creatures of the Deep Like Never Before (Pictures/Video)

Alexander Semenov is a renowned marine biologist as well as an exceptional photographer. Semenov has gained notoriety over the years for his epic photos of deep-sea life, but now he wants to take it to the next level.

Semenov is leading a team of divers, scientists, sailors, photographers, and videographers on a 3-year, 30,000-nautical mile journey to capture the lives of deep-sea creatures  while simultaneously capturing the public imagination with the expedition’s photos and videos. Here’s Semenov describing the goals of the mission:

“We want to show how interesting and unique the life can be, if you chase your dreams… We’re going to explore the whole new area of science mixed with art and stories. We’re going to discover the source of knowledge and inspiration for the next generations. And tons of new species as well.”

Aquatilis Expedition, as its known, will cost a total of $4 million, and Semenov is still raising funds through an Indiegogo page. However, he has promised that the expedition will set sail regardless as to whether or not they reach their funding goal. He hopes that the expedition will inspire more donations as images and videos from the journey are released.

Semenov and his team will use highly specialized low-light photography that allows them to capture the amazing bioluminescence exhibited by many creatures living in the depths of the oceans.

Check out a few of the breathtaking photos Semenov has already captured in past dives. Click an image to enlarge.

The expedition is set to begin in 2015. The crew will begin start out in the Mediterranean to test diving and photography equipment before setting out across the Atlantic, through the Azores to the Caribbean. After that, they will head south to Argentina, and Brazil, then round Cape Horn and journey back up the coast of Chile.

From there, they will continue heading north, with the San Francisco Bay area being their last stop in the Americas before they head out to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, where they will study how pollution is affecting marine life and see if any of the creatures have developed adaptations to cope with it.

When asked if he thought the ambitious goals of the Aquatilis Expedition were a bit too out-there, Semenov replied with this:

“Being crazy isn’t enough. I’m a professional dreamer, driven by passion and love. The whole team has the same disorder!”

Learn more about the expedition from Wired here.

All images courtesy of Alexander Semenov and Aquatilis.

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