This Groovy Sea Lion Is the First Non-Human Mammal Proven To Keep A Beat (Video)

If you know me well, you know that one of my favorite groups of all time is Earth, Wind and Fire, and one of my favorite songs is Boogie Wonderland. There’s just something truly infectious about that song- it’s nearly impossible to hear it and not want to move with the beat.

Last year, a team of researchers from the University of California- Santa Cruz decided to test the widely spread notion that only humans and animals capable of vocal mimicry (like parrots) were capable of keeping a beat. Their weapon: Boogie Wonderland. Even the most solemn of sea lions couldn’t resist this musical kryptonite.

Their test subject was a sea otter named Ronin. By playing the 1979 classic at a number of different tempos, they were able to prove that Ronin was not only aware of the beat but able to nod his head with it. The finding suggests that animals may be much more cognizant of rhythm and beat than we once thought.

The best part of the video is Ronan’s reaction when the music stops- it’s so much like our own. Every time he starts to really feel the new tempo they cut it off and he looks up like ‘Hey, why no music?’

It made me laugh every time! I don’t blame him though. That’s exactly how I would react if somebody cut off Boogie Wonderland while I was in mid-boogie.

[h/t IFL Science]

BONUS: Boogie Wonderland Official Video… ooooh yeah!

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