The Algerian Team Will Be Donating Their World Cup Earnings to the Poor in Gaza

The Algerian soccer team had their best showing ever at the World Cup before losing in extra time to global powerhouse Germany in the first knockout stage.

They made it out of group play for the first time in their country’s history and gave us an extremely exciting and competitive game with the Germans, who outranked Algeria (22) by twenty spots.

Algerian forward Islam Slimani takes on two German defenders

The team won the hearts of of their north African fans along with many others around the world with that gutsy performance, pushing Germany to the very end.

And now, you’re going to love them even more.

The Algerian team got a hero’s welcome upon their return home

Yesterday, Algeria’s star forward Islam Slimani announced that the team would be donating all of their World Cup earnings ($9 million) to the poor in the disputed Palestinian territory of Gaza.

Why? Slimani’s answer is simple: “They need it more than us.”

As of last year, the Gaza Strip was the 3rd poorest region in the Arab world, after only Yemen and Sudan. 38% of the country lives in poverty, with about 22% living in extreme poverty

Those living in extreme poverty lack the resources to obtain the basic necessities of food, clothing, housing, and health care.

Major props, Team Algeria. Read the original story from the Daily Mail here.

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