Bay Area Skaters Turn Earthquake Damage Into A Sweet Skateboard Ramp (Video)

Yesterday (8/24/14), the San Francisco Bay Area was rocked by the strongest earthquake to hit the area since 1989.

The 6.0 earthquake, which was centered in Napa, did some serious damage, sparking fires from gas leaks, ruining building foundations and roads, and hospitalizing dozens. The cost of the damages has been estimated at nearly a billion dollars.

But in one Napa neighborhood, some opportunistic local residents are making the most of the damages. Local skaters saw a buckled road not as just damage from a recent earthquake, but as a perfect new skate spot. 

Photo Credit: NBC Bay Area photographer Jeremy Carroll
Photo Credit: NBC Bay Area photographer Jeremy Carroll

 This photograph quickly created an online buzz after KNTV colleague Vicky Nguyen tweeted the photo. People could only justify the picture as “typical California”: earthquakes and skateboarding.

Check out the video below to see some of the locals “shredding” the earthquake ramp. It also includes interviews of a few local residents reacting to the earthquake.



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