The State Dept. Just Released A Video That Looks A Lot Like ISIS Propaganda

Warning: This article contains some graphic images.

In recent weeks, the U.S. government has been working feverishly on trying to figure out ways to combat the growing threat of the Islamic State.

One of their main focuses has been ISIS’s highly-successful internet recruitment campaigns.

In an attempt to counteract the success of these ISIS recruiting videos, the State Department’s branch of Strategic Counterterrorism Communications made a mock ISIS recruitment video. Their goal was to try and show the brutal realities of joining the Islamic State.

A screenshot from the State Department’s video

In the video, they highlight the “skills” and “perks” of joining the Islamic State, including:

• “Blowing up mosques!”

• “Crucifying and executing Muslims”

• “Plundering public resources”

• “Suicide bombings inside mosques!”

The video ends with the message, “Travel is inexpensive, because you won’t need a return ticket!” and then shows a body being thrown off a cliff.

The video is part of the State Department’s “Think Again Turn Away” internet campaign which has also included tweets like these:

The only problem with the video is that it doesn’t show anything bad happening to the Islamic State fighter. And worse, it uses much of the same footage that ISIS itself has been using in its recruitment videos.

The video shows Islamic State militants murdering non-Wahhabi Muslims and destroying non-Wahhabi mosques- atrocities that are very much supported by the extremist group (Wahhabism is the radical ideology that justifies extremist Islam).

The video includes footage of Muslims who were crucified by the Islamic State

The video includes pictures of Muslims who were crucified by the Islamic State

Maybe I’m missing something here, but if you’ve already been radicalized and are thinking about joining ISIS, wouldn’t this video provide more motivation than discouragement?

Some people have even suggested that the Islamic State itself might start using the video for recruitment. I imagine that would be one hell of a PR nightmare for the State Department.

You can watch the video for yourself below. Let us know what you think about it in the comments section at the end of the article.

Warning: the video contains some very graphic images.

Read the original story from the National Post here.


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