The Arab League Has Joined The United States and Europe to Destroy ISIS

Earlier today, the Arab League elected to endorse the U.S./NATO coalition that was formed at a NATO meeting (which was mostly about the Russia issue) in Wales this past Friday.

The League condemned the Islamic State’s crimes against humanity and vowed to provide any and all support to the United States and Europe.

The Arab League member states

The Arab League member states

In another important move, the Arab League also voiced support for a UN resolution to stem the flow of weapons to rebel groups in Syria which was passed last month.

A number of member states have been openly arming various rebel groups in Syria since 2011, so we will have to wait to see if they follow through with the endorsement.

The Obama administration has been strongly encouraging the League to get involved because many of the member states have large Sunni populations and Sunni-led governments.

The Islamic State claims to be the epitome of Sunni Islam, so it is vital that true Sunnis are part of the effort to defame, decry, and destroy ISIS.

Islamic State leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi

In an interview on Meet the Press, President Obama told host Chuck Todd, The next phase is now to start going on some offense.” 

However, he stressed that the United States was not about to start committing any substantial number of American troops to the conflict, saying that destroying ISIS would require a level of manpower that the U.S. is just not willing to offer right now.

“I’m confident that I have the authorization that I need to protect the American people… The boots on the ground have to be Iraqi, and in Syria, the boots on the ground have to be Syrian,”

he said in the interview, adding,

“[We can’t] serially occupy various countries all around the Middle East…We don’t have the resources. It puts enormous strains on our military. And at some point, we leave. And then things blow up again.”

Obama speaks to Meet the Press's Chuck Todd

Obama speaks to Meet the Press’s Chuck Todd

But that does not mean that the U.S. will not be heavily involved. Since July, the U.S. military has launched 143 air-strikes against ISIS targets, as well as coordinating closely with Kurdish forces and the Iraqi military.

If we want to avoid American/European-inflicted civilian casualties, which not only provides extremist propaganda but also increases hate for America and the western world amongst people living in the Middle East, we need to let Muslims lead the charge.

Seeing large portions of the Arab world condemning the Islamic State is a vital step in the right direction.

Read the original story from The Jerusalem Post here.


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