This Guy Made Himself A Self-Folding Paper Plane Machine Gun (Video)

The 3-D printing revolution is in full stride, with the printers being widely used in engineering, design, medicine and more.

But some people are also using the printers for more enjoyable endeavors. YouTube user Papierfliegerei is one of those people.

His real name is Dieter Michael Krone, and he is a German paper airplane enthusiast. Krone just recently released a video showing off his prototype “A6 V1.0 Paper Airplane Gun”.

He built his own automatic paper airplane machine gun, using designs from the German 3D printing website and other materials he found on the internet and at his local hardware store.

The gun exhibits impressive ingenuity – not only does it shoot the paper airplanes smoothly, it actually folds them on its own (from flat sheets of paper) before launching them. The gun is capable of folding and shooting planes at a rate of almost one per second.

Check it out in the video below!

It looks like Krone is planning on selling kits or fully assembled airplane guns, but he has still opened up the design to the public.

You can check out more of Krone’s videos on his Youtube page, Papierfliegerei.

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