Meet Omron Global’s Ping Pong Playing Robot (Video)

Omron Global, a Japanese electronics and engineering company, has outdone themselves by building a ping pong playing robot. The innovative machine that doesn’t just serve out balls, it can actually return them and rally with you.

Photo Credit: Omron Global

The machine is designed with complex robotics and engineering technology that allows it to sense the opponents movements and calculate the speed and trajectory of the ball. Check it out…

The machine is designed for low difficulty matches (maybe only for kids). So while it probably won’t beat you, it can encourage rallies and help beginners work on their fundamentals.

The real reason for the design was to creatively showcase what the company has to offer in terms of electronics, engineering and robotics capabilities.

This actually isn’t the first company to have tried this method to showcase their skills with robotic design. KUKA, a Chinese industrial robotics company built and showed off a ping pong playing robot as well.

Their campaign was far more dramatic. They had their robot matched up against Timo Boll, German Table Tennis Champion, for an epic battle between man and machine. Check it out…


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