Using Space Suit Technology In Men’s Dress Clothes to Reduce Sweating

The Ministry of Supply (MoS) is an innovative clothing company that strives to incorporate modern technology into their designs to produce clothes that are both extremely comfortable and extremely functional.

Here’s the “Our Purpose” section of their website:

“We believe clothing should be an extension of your body, equipping you to realize your limitless potential. Using research-based design, we create purposeful products engineered to work for you in any situation.”

In following with that tradition, MoS has created a line of high-end men’s dress shirts that are made out of the same materials that NASA uses to regulate body temperature in their spacesuits.


The idea originated with one of MoS’s early employees, who had learned about phase-change materials (PCMs) while he was studying spacesuit design at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

PCMs are materials that absorb and release heat depending on the temperature. The founders of MoS saw PCMs being used more and more in athletic apparel and thought that they could incorporate the technology into dress clothing.

The main problem they aimed to solve: dress shirts’ frustrating tendency of making it very obvious when a man is sweating.

MoS used thermal imaging to determine where men generate the most heat, and then designed their shirts to provide maximum ventilation in those areas.

PCMs aren’t the only cool technology in the shirts though – they also boast moisture wicking capabilities and even an odor control system.

“It’s sort of like Under Armour for dress shirts,”

says Sucharita Mulpuru, who works as a retail analyst with Forrester Research. He added,

“There’s not a lot of innovation in a mature category like dress shirts.”

After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2012 led to widespread press coverage of their $98 Apollo dress shirt, MoS was able to raise about $4 million in capital, which they used to expand their men’s line to include t-shirts, dress pants and even socks.

“We are different from the rest of the fashion industry because we are not about releasing new products every season. We are about putting a lot of thought, engineering, and great design into each garment before we launch it,”

MoS CEO Gihan Amarasiriwardena said in an article published by NASA last year. Gihan also acknowledged NASA’s role in his company’s success, saying,

“What NASA has enabled us to do is a powerful part of its mission. We’re pushing the boundaries and making a big impact back here on Earth.”


Check out the video below to learn a little bit more about Ministry of Supply’s vision:

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