Self-Made Chinese Millionaire Reportedly Builds Free Flats For His Hometown (Video)

The residents of one small village in China just got a major lifestyle upgrade. According to the Daily Mail

“A millionaire Chinese businessman has bulldozed the wooden huts and muddy roads where he grew up – and built luxury homes for the people who lived there.”

Xiong Shuihua, the 54-year-old philanthropist behind the project, did not have a lot of money growing up. Xiong says that when he was young the residents of his community were always very supportive of him and his family, and he wanted to repay them for their kindness.

Xiong Shuihua

Xiong was born in Xiongkeng village in the southern Chinese city of Xinyu. He started his career in construction but eventually transitioned to the steel trade, where he made the bulk of his wealth. After making more money than he felt like he needed, Xiong decided to do something to give back.

Five years ago, Xiong’s hometown village was nothing more than a single dirt road lined with a number of wooden huts. But after a multi-million dollar investment the village has been completely transformed, with 72 families now living free of cost in the new luxury flats built by Xiong.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

On top of giving back to his local community by providing these high quality shelters and comfort, Xiong also provides three meals a day to many of the senior citizens and other residents who struggle financially.

“I always pay my debts, and wanted to make sure the people who helped me when I was younger and my family were paid back.”

Xiong says.

Check out the video below (it’s in Chinese) to see some more pictures of the community before and after, and click here to read the original story from the Daily Mail.


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