Pope Selects 20 New Cardinals from Underdeveloped and Previously Unrepresented Countries Around the World

Pope Francis has been a busy man recently. In just the last few months, the leader of the global Catholic Church has…

This past week, Francis continued to shake things up around the Vatican by naming 20 new cardinals, selecting the new clergymen from a diverse group of churchmen from all over the world.

According to BBC

“Pope Francis said the appointment of cardinals from 14 countries from every continent in the world showed the Vatican’s “inseparable link” with Catholic Churches around the world.”

Of the new cardinals, nine were selected from developing countries, highlighting Francis’s commitment to giving a greater voice to under-served populations.

For the first time in the history of the Church, the countries of Myanmar, Tonga and the Cape Verde Islands will be among the list of countries with Vatican representation.

Five of the bishops and archbishops are over the age of 80, making them ineligible to help elect Francis’s successor should he pass away.

October 4, 2013: Pope Francis is surrounded by cardinals as he arrives for a pastoral visit in Assisi (Image Credit: Gian Matteo Crocchioni/REUTERS)

According to YahooNews

“[The Pope] looked beyond traditional metropolitan area for the “princes of the church” who will help advise him as goes forward with church reforms.”

Including this round of appointments, Pope Francis has now personally selected over a quarter of the cardinals who are allowed to vote for the next pope, strengthening the impact of his leadership and influence in the Vatican.

According to BBC

“He wants to see an overhaul of the Church, bringing it closer to ordinary people…

Pope Francis also announced on Sunday that he would lead a meeting of all cardinals to discuss reform of the Roman Curia, the Vatican’s administrative body, on 12 and 13 February.”

The fresh batch of cardinals will be formally initiated on February 14th. Read from the BBC and YahooNews.


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