World Champion Ice Climber Becomes First Person to Climb Up Niagara Falls (Video)

Earlier this week, Canadian ice climber Will Gadd made history by becoming the first person to scale Niagara Falls.

Over the years, a number of bold adventurers have dared to ride down Niagara Falls, but  Gadd decided to turn this idea on its head, choosing instead to climb up the famous falls.

For his climb, he chose to tackle Terrapin Point: a 147-foot tall section of frozen cliff located directly adjacent to Horseshoe Falls.

Fast Fact: Niagara Falls is made up of two separate sets of waterfalls. 90% of the Niagara river flows over Horseshoe Falls while the other 10% flows over the smaller American Falls.

“I checked out the spot we were thinking of climbing in the summer. You’d be swept away by the torrential downpour then. On a warm winter (day), there’s no climb here,”


Gadd said on (Redbull sponsored the climb).

But despite the numerous dangers, Gadd set out on a cold January morning to attempt attempt his daring feat.

Will Gadd scales Terrapin point as Horseshoe Falls rages  feet away (Photo: Greg Mionske/Red Bull Content Pool)

Will Gadd scales Terrapin Point as Horseshoe Falls rages just feet away (Photo: Greg Mionske/Red Bull Content Pool)

And tackle it he did. According to, Gadd actually completed the climb three times, taking about an hour for each climb.

But the climb was no walk in the park. Gadd told Redbull,

“I was so close to the water, I could reach out and stick my ice tool in the Niagara Falls. At one point I was behind the water, climbing on ice that froze behind the falls. I got a whole lot of Niagara down my neck! … That climb beat me up. I may have reached the top, but Niagara won the war. At the end of the day I was hypothermic.”


The feat is yet another impressive addition to Gadd’s resume. The daredevil holds three X-Games gold medals and has also won the Ice Climbing World Cup, according to his website.

Check out video from the epic climb below:

Read the original story from Redbull.


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