Intense Dashcam Video Shows Yesterday’s TransAsia Aircraft Crash

TransAsia Airways Flight 235 crashed during takeoff yesterday (2/3) while en route from Taipei Songshan Airport in Taiwan to Kinmen Shang-Yi Airport in southeastern China, killing at least twelve people.

The aircraft, an ATR72-600, was carrying 58 passengers when it crashed into the Keelung river near Taipei. The aircraft reportedly called a mayday after an engine failure, coming down just 3 minutes after take off. The exact cause of the engine failure is still under investigation.

Rescue Effort / Image Credit: Eddie Yu

Ambulances, water craft, several fire trucks and over 150 rescuers were quickly on scene after the crash in an effort to help relieve the distressed victims, according to the Taiwanese Central Disaster Response Centre.

Check out the intense video footage below to see the aircraft crash…

According to The Guardian

“The plane carried 51 adults, 2 children, and 5 crew members, according to the Singaporean broadcaster Channel NewsAsia. At least 27 people have been rescued from the plane’s wreckage; scores have been sent to hospital, and the death toll has been steadily rising throughout the day.”

With two experienced pilots and only a 10-month old aircraft, many are still in shock that the accident occurred, and are wondering what caused the engine failure. According to Lin Zhiming, a representative from Taiwan’s Civil Aviation Authority…

“Weather conditions were good and the pilot had 14,000 hours of flying hours and the co-pilot 4,000 hours.”

The Taxi cab driver, who was driving the vehicle you can see getting clipped by the wing of the airplane in the footage, reportedly suffered a head injury and concussion. Fortunately, the driver was in the cab alone and all his vital signs are stable.

The taxi cab hit by the ATR-72 seen after being moved / Image Credit: Eddie Yu

The taxi cab hit by the ATR-72 seen after being moved / Image Credit: Eddie Yu

With so many hurt from the accident, we can only be grateful that some survived and hope that the investigation into the exact cause of the engine failure will lead to a better understanding of the cause, lessening the chances of something like this happening again in the future.

Read more here from The Guardian or BBC.


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