This Innovative Amphibious Camper Serves As Both Mobile Home and Boat (Video)

The German company Sealander has developed a highly adaptable camper that can serve as both a boat and a mobile home.


Sealander / Image Credit: Distractify

Crafted with reinforced fiberglass, the Sealander is equipped with a number of amenities, including a toilet, a small sink, a stereo and even a convertible top.

It also features an outboard motor that lets you convert the camper into a mini yacht whenever you want to hit the water.

Sealander / Image Credit: Distractify

The “amphibious camper” is light enough to be towed by a small or mid-sized vehicle. On their website, Sealander‘s designers describe their craft:

“Its dynamic and modern design expresses lightness and agility. For your perfect day out in every environment.”


Check out the video below to learn more and see the Sealander in action…

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