China Blocks Documentary On Air Pollution After Video Goes Viral (Video)

A video highlighting the serious air pollution problem in China has been blocked by all major Chinese media outlets after going viral online.

According to France24

“Versions of the video had racked up more than 155 million views on mainland Chinese video streaming sites just one day after its release last Saturday.”

The full video is available still on Youtube (which has been blocked by China), or you can watch the 103-minute documentary with subtitles here below…

“Under the Dome”

“Under the Dome” is an independent documentary produced by former Chinese state media journalist Chai Jing.

Jing reportedly decided to make the eye-opening video after her daughter was born with a benign tumor, calling the documentary her “personal battle” with Chinese pollution.

The video exposes the harsh realities of China’s serious air pollution problem, specifically focusing on the key causes of the atmospheric pollution and the government’s lack of supervision and oversight over the country’s biggest polluters.

Image Credit: Huffington Post

Although the video has been censored to the Chinese people by their government, not all Chinese government officials are opposed to the documentary. According to Discovery News

“China’s newly-appointed environmental protection minister, Chen Jining, praised the video earlier this week, telling Chinese reporters that it should ‘encourage efforts by individuals to improve air quality.'”


Read more here from France24 or Discovery News.


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