Sarah Brightman Is Paying $52 Million To Be First Musician In Space (Video Interview)

Professional opera singer Sarah Brightman has officially begun her space training in Russia as she prepares to be the first musician to perform in space.

According to her website

“Ever since she witnessed the 1969 moon landings on television as a small girl, it has been Sarah’s life long ambition to travel into space. Sarah will become the first professional musician to do so.”


After completing her training, Brightman will join the growing number of tourists who have paid their way into space. In September, the singer will board a Russian Soyuz rocket and set out for the International Space Station, where she will sing some new material during a short stay before returning home to Earth.

Her price, which has been reported at $52 million (or about her total estimated net worth), is a hefty price to go to space. But don’t think all the money will come out of her pocket – Brightman told the BBC that she has other contributors, though she didn’t say how much they were contributing.

The company that will lead the space flight is Space Adventures Ltd., a U.S.-based space tourism company that helps make dreams come true for those with the desire (and the wealth) to go to space.

Brightman recently did a video interview with BBC Newsnight in which she talked about her upcoming journey. Check it out below…

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