New Terminator-Inspired Method Makes 3D Printing 25-100 Times Faster (Video)

In the climax of the movie “Terminator 2”, the Terminator’s arch-nemesis — the evil T-1000 — is melted down into a puddle of metallic goo. Unfortunately for Arnold and company, the robot re-emerges seconds later, rising fully-formed from the puddle of molten metal.

It was this scene that inspired a group of scientists at a company called Carbon3D to completely rethink our current methods of 3D printing.

The company, which had been keeping the project a secret during the past two years of development, revealed their new method in a TED Talk on Monday (3/16). They also published an article about it in the journal Science.

The new process, which is being called Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP), uses a liquid resin which hardens when exposed to beams of light an oxygen. This allows objects to be printed 25 to 100 times faster than conventional 3D printing methods while also avoiding the potential defects of layer-by-layer fabrication.

Check out the video below to learn more about the method and see it in action:

“We think that popular 3D printing is actually misnamed — it’s really just 2D printing over and over again,”

says Joseph DeSimone, a chemistry professor and one of the three co-founders of Carbon3D. He adds,

“The strides in that area have mostly been driven by mechanical engineers figuring out how to make things layer by layer to precisely create an object. We’re two chemists and a physicist, so we came in with a different perspective.”

Carbon3D’s founders says that if all goes well, their new technique could be used in industrial applications within the next year.

Read more from the Washington Post.


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