Michigan State Police: First Agency To Get Statewide Drone Approval From The FAA

Michigan police officers can now use flying surveillance drones to help assist them with their duties. According to Discover Magazine

“After getting authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration, the Michigan State Police represents the first law enforcement agency in the United States that can use drones in every corner of the state.”



Aside from not allowing the drones to fly within five miles of airports without special approval, the FAA has ruled that drones can be flown anywhere within the state. According to Michigan State Police, the drones will mainly be used to help asses major accidents and assist operations for other crimes.

Besides the airport rule, there are three other limitations on the drones: they must be flown by a two-man crew, they must always remain within the crew’s vision, and they must stay below an altitude of 400 feet.

According to The Detroit News, the drones that will be used are Aeryon Labs’ SkyRanger and Scout models. These models come equipped with on-board cameras that can take photographs and videos both during the day and at night.

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