Two College Students Extinguish Fire Using Only Sound Waves (Video)

George Mason University engineering students Seth Robertson and Viet Tran have developed a way to extinguish fire using only sound waves – and they did it with less than a thousand dollars worth of equipment.

If consolidated, low-frequency sound waves (about 30 to 60 hertz) can separate oxygen from fuel.

“The pressure wave is going back and forth, and that agitates where the air is. That specific space is enough to keep the fire from reigniting.”


says Tran.

Image Credit: Youtube / George Mason University

By using a sound box that creates these types of waves and controlling the output with a funnel-like cylinder speaker, the two students were able to create a fire extinguisher that relies solely on sound.

So far, Tran and Robertson’s invention has only been used to put out small fires (burning rubbing alcohol as fuel), but the duo hopes that their product can be adopted for consumer use and mass production in the future.

Check out the video below to see fire extinguished by sound…

Putting out fire with sound isn’t a totally new concept. According to the Huffington Post

“Experiments and research reportedly date back decades; in 2012, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) released a video showing how a “wall of sound” could put out flames.”



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