The World’s Smallest Working Computer Fits On The Edge Of A Nickel

Researchers at the University of Michigan have designed a computer believed to be the smallest in the world. The tiny PC has the ability to take pictures, measure temperatures, do pressure readings and more.

According to CNET

“Computers used to consume whole rooms, but now one computer can fit on the edge of a nickel. At just one millimeter cubed, the Michigan Micro Mote (M3) is believed to be the smallest autonomous computer in the world.”


Michigan Micro Mote – Image Credit: Martin Vioet /

The project to create the micro computer was lead by engineering professor David Blaauw, who, along with students and faculty, has been developing small computers for over a decade now.

Blaauw and his team of researchers hope that their latest creation, the M3, will be implemented into a variety of applications, including

“…home automation, environmental and industrial monitoring, as well as being injected into the body for medical monitoring purposes.”


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