Vladimir Putin Announces Plans To Build Russian Space Station By 2023

It seems that the International Space Station may have some company in space soon. According to Yahoo News

“Russia plans to build its own orbiting space station by 2023, President Vladimir Putin said Thursday during a marathon call-in session with the nation.”

Currently, Russia and NASA are jointly using the International Space Station (ISS), along with a number of other countries from around the world. Since the ISS provides value to both Russia and the United States, both countries have agreed to continue funding the space station until at least 2024.

Though Russian cosmonauts are likely to continue to have a presence at the ISS after 2024, the Russian government felt that the country needed its own national space station for additional services. According to the Daily Times

“[Putin] said that Russia needed its own space station to be able to view its own territory properly from space.”


Putin claims that only five percent of Russia can be seen from the ISS, and that the new station would allow for views of the entire country.

Although the project is set for the future, the announcement of a new space station is major news to the space community. Right now, the ISS and China’s Tiangong 1 are the only space stations (manned satellites) in orbit.

Read more here from Daily Times or Yahoo News.


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