Americans Waste $37 Billion A Year On Unused Mobile Data

Roughly 85 percent of smartphone users in the United States are paying for more data than they need.

According to Vocativ, the average value of this unused data is about $27.86 per line per month ($334.32/year). That equates to roughly $36.9 billion worth of data wasted every year by American smartphone users.

But the 15 percent of users who aren’t buying more data than they need are no better off, since they get charged for exceeding their data limits.

When you factor in these overage charges, the total cost of mismatched data plan in the U.S. comes to roughly $51.3 billion, according to the mobile intelligence firm Validas.

The issue of data waste is one of the main selling points for Google’s new Project Fi mobile service, which will credit users for the full value of any data they don’t use each month.

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