Robo Raven V: University Of Maryland’s New Bird-Like Drone (Video)

Researchers working at the University of Maryland have developed a robotic bird-like machine. The hybrid drone is being called the Robo Raven V and is quite possibly the most functional wing-flapping aircraft ever created.

According to UMD Robotics

“Robo Raven V utilizes both wings and propellers to generate a significantly greater amount of thrust and maneuverability, allowing it to perform tighter and more controlled aerobatics, carry greater payloads, fly for longer, and do realistic soaring and gliding.”



This is the fifth generation of the Robo Raven, and the drone is still evolving. According to New Scientist, researchers are now working on incorporating flexible solar cells into the small aircraft to create additional power.

Check out the video below to see the Robo Raven V in action…

While in flight, the drone appears to move effortlessly, even when flying swiftly or performing sharp turns. According to Popular Science

“It also carries a camera, which makes it not just an artful flyer, but a functional one too. Such a winged scout, especially one that could look discreetly like a bird, might find its want into military service.”


Read more here from Popular Science or New Scientist.


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