Video: Pro Skateboarder Builds Floating Skatepark On Lake Tahoe For An Epic Shred Session

Extreme sport athletes are known for going big and pushing the limits. But even for one of the most decorated pro skateboarders of all time, building a giant floating ramp is a pretty crazy idea.

Bob Burnquist began skateboarding at age 11 in Brazil; by age 14 he was already competing professionally. Over the past 25 years, Burnquist, now 38, has become one of the most notable skateboarders in history. According to ESPN

“Bob Burnquist knows X Games perhaps better than anyone. He’s competed in all 23 X Games summer events, medaled in every X Games Big Air competition since 2006, and his 27 career X Games medals (12 of them gold) are the most in history.”

Bob Burnquist wins Big Air Gold at X Games Munich / Image Credit: CA Productions

Mainly a vert ramp skater, Burnquist is best-known for his big air competition achievements and skills on the half pipe.

But besides his professional achievements, Burnquist is also quite creative when it comes to doing things for the sake of just having fun. Whether it’s building sweet ramps in his own backyard, creating new tricks or ideas, Burnquist is always up to something new.

According to Transworld Skateboarding

“Bob Burnquist has always dreamed big—check our Grand Canyon 2006 cover and his Dreamland and Flip video parts for confirmation. Now he can add the crystal blue waters of Lake Tahoe to the list of pioneering spots.”

His latest idea — a floating ramp — came to life with the help of Visit California‘s “Dream Big” campaign. Now Burnquist is able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lake Tahoe while also doing what he does best: shredding skateboard ramps.

Check out the video below to see Bob Burnquist skate a floating ramp in Lake Tahoe:

If you’re thinking about checking it out yourself, the 7,000-pound ramp is located near Bliss State Park in California.

Check out some more photos of the floating ramp below provided by


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