Goldfish “Wheelchair” Helps Sick Fish Who Are Having Trouble Staying Upright (Video)

An image surfaced on Reddit last week of a fish with a unique contraption attached to it. The image was posted by Reddit user leability with a caption reading…

“Goldfish “wheelchair” for a fish that had trouble staying upright.”

Image Credit: Reddit User “Leability”

The somewhat odd yet inspirational image quickly gained attention, and many people began wondering why the fish was having trouble swimming on its own in the first place and if the device was really helping.

A few theories have surfaced, according to Bored Panda…

“Fish wheelchairs (or slings or buoys – call them what you will) like these are used to help fish swim upright while they recover from swim bladder infections that make it difficult for them to do so on their own.”

Another theory is that the fish may have had something less serious than a bladder infection, perhaps just being constipated. Either way it’s hard to know, but if the fish was sick, its owners did what they needed to do to solve the problem: creating a homemade device using a simple bandage and cork.

This is not the first time a fish has used a man-made device for help staying upright and maintaining proper buoyancy. In fact, many veterinarians have equipped sick fish with floating devices to help them with their troubles.

Check out the video below to see a disabled goldfish using a proper man-made harness to maintain buoyancy:

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