Remember That Fried “Rat” from KFC? Ya, It Was Actually Chicken

Two weeks ago, a California man named Devorise Dixon shared the following photo to his Instagram account:

In another post, Dixon said that he took the suspect chicken tender back to the KFC where he purchased it and claimed that the manager there confirmed it was indeed a rat.

The posts quickly went viral on social media, which came as a surprise to nobody at all; if there’s anything I’ve learned from my countless hours on the internet, it’s that there’s nothing people love more than an opportunity to pull out the digital pitchforks and put fast food spots on blast for their sins of grossness.

The only problem: that piece of breaded mystery meat actually WAS chicken. A spokesman from KFC made the following statement on Tuesday (6/23):

“Recently in the US, a customer falsely claimed his KFC chicken was a rat, which received a huge amount of publicity given the unrealistic nature of his story.

“On Friday, the customer’s lawyer finally handed the product over to KFC for testing at an independent lab, and the results officially confirmed what KFC knew all along – the product was chicken and not rat.”

Look, I’m not saying that we owe KFC an apology or anything — they’ve never apologized for all the damage they’ve done to my insides over the years, so my sympathy for them is limited.

I’m just saying we ought to be a little more skeptical the next time we hear about someone finding a piece of finger in their Wendy’s chili.

(h/t BBC Newsbeat)


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