Snowboarder Saves Stranded Horse In Chilean Mountains After Blizzard (GoPro Video)

On his 21st birthday, University of Colorado environmental science student Rafael Pease took a trip to El Colorado, Chile to go snowboarding.

With intentions of enjoying some fresh powder after the first storm of the season, Pease took to the mountain with a friend, geared up and ready to go.

Soon into their ride, Pease noticed a stranded horse in the distance. To investigate the situation, the riders unstrapped from their equipment and hiked to the abandoned animal to see if it was okay.

Once they got closer, Pease and his friend could clearly tell that the horse was physically weak, mentally exhausted and confused.

Pease and his friend immediately set to work digging out the stiff legs of the Chilean horse. After freeing it from the snow, they gave the horse some dog food that Pease happened to have on him and led it safely down the mountain, where it was later reunited with its owner.

When he returned the horse to its owner, Pease was informed that the animal had been lost in the snow and away from home for four days.

The efforts of Pease and his friend likely saved the horse’s life — an act the horse and the horse’s owner are surely thankful for.

Check out the video below to see the act documented by Pease on his GoPro camera…

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