Awesome. Mini-Fire Tornado Caught On Slow Motion Video

In nature, fire tornadoes occur when intense heat and turbulent wind conditions combine to form a whirling fiery vortex. These phenomenons are also referred to as fire devils, fire whirls, or even “firenados”.

Since the conditions must be just right for a fire tornado to form, they’re rarely documented or caught on video. That is why Dan and Gavin — better known on YouTube as The Slo Mo Guys — created their own mini-fire tornado using a dozen cheap fans and a small kerosene-fueled fire.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 2.05.17 PM

Like all of The Slow Mo Guys’ experiments, their video was filmed in high definition and features some awesome slow motion clips. Check out the video below to see a fire tornado in slow motion.

Check out more of The Slo Mo Guys’ videos here.


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