A 3D-Printing Company Is Making LEGO Heads That Look Just Like Their Customers

Last September, after reporting sales of more than $2 billion for the first half of 2014, LEGO took the title of world’s largest toymaker.

The Danish toy company credited much of last year’s success to The LEGO Movie, which brought in over $500 million on its own. On top of making a ton of money from their own feature-length film, LEGO also brought in huge streams of revenue from their toys.

Over the years, the company has created hundreds of unique LEGO sets while forging strategic partnerships with big names like DC Comics, Disney, Marvel, Minecraft and Nickelodeon to create new product lines.

But the latest buzz in the LEGO world isn’t coming from their next movie or latest product line. Instead, children and adults alike are excited about a small company that’s creating custom 3D printed LEGO heads to look just like their customers.

For $30, the 3D-printing company — known as Funky3DFaces — will convert two photographs of your face (a front and profile) into a perfectly sized 3D LEGO head.

The lifelike heads are made of a sandstone material, and come with a standard LEGO minifigure-sized hole in the neck for easy assembly.

Learn more and order your own custom LEGO head here.


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