Loving Family Brings Frozen Kitten Back To Life (GoPro Video)

This past Thanksgiving, Branden Bingham and his family went to Bear Lake outside of Salt Lake City, Utah to enjoy some quality family-time and scenery.

On their first night, 12 inches of snow covered the town. The following morning, the family went outside to enjoy the winter wonderland when Branden’s oldest son found a kitten buried in the snow.

The kitten had been trapped in the snow all night, and was near death when Branden’s son found him. The family — specifically Branden’s brother who studied veterinary medicine at BYU — wasn’t ready to give up on the kitten and went to great lengths to bring the kitten back to life.

Check out the video below to see the frozen kitten brought back to good health… 

Thanks to the quick reaction and dedication from Branden and his family, the kitten survived. After the event, the family named the resurrected kitten Lazarus.

Watch more amazing videos at GoPro’s YouTube Channel here.


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