Why Would GE Partner To Make What Might Be The World’s Hottest Condiment?

Earlier this year, Thrillist and General Electric (GE) announced they were teaming up to create a limited-edition hot sauce that is posed to be one of the world’s hottest.

The fiery condiment — which will be called “Nuclear Hot Sauce” — will be made using the Caribbean’s Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper, one of the most unforgiving peppers ever ranked on the Scoville (SV) heat measuring scale.

Trinidad Moruga Scorpion peppers / Image Credit: A Plus

You may be wondering why GE, a company known for things like producing materials that are used to make jet turbines, is involved with making a food condiment.

Well according to Thrillest, GE’s role in the project will be to provide the high-tech materials needed to package the diabolical sauce. Because creating one of the hottest sauces on the planet without properly containing it is irresponsible, right?

Thrillest and GE have already publicized silicon carbide and nickel-based superalloys in the prototype’s over-the-top packing.

Nuclear Hot Sauce / Image Credit: Thrillist

To develop the recipe, GE and Thrillist recruited High River Sauces’ founder Steve Seabury, the creator of some hot sauce enthusiast’s favorites, like the “Hellacious Hot Sauce” and the “Tears of the Sun Hot Sauce”.

Steve Seabury / Image Credit: High River Sauces

If you’re up for it, the sauce is set to debut this Spring, but only a limited 1,000 bottles will be available for purchase and they’ll be sold exclusively on Thrillist.


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