Facebook Users Are Sharing More News, But Facebook Isn’t Happy About It

People on Facebook are sharing more news and information from around the web.

You might think that Facebook would be happy about that, but in fact, the opposite is true. Because as people share more news and other stuff, they’re also sharing less personal content like pictures, statuses and check-ins — the content that forms the backbone of Facebook.

Employees at the social media giant call this decline in personal sharing “context collapse”, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has stressed the need to reverse this trend at numerous meetings over the past year.

fb status prompt

In recent months, you may have noticed Facebook encouraging you to post more content on certain holidays (like the recent Sibling’s Day) or during special events, like the presidential primary debates, for example. These new add-ons, as well as the increasingly popular “Memories” feature, are one way Facebook is attempting to combat the context collapse problem.

That being said, Facebook is by no means struggling. The company says that overall sharing is still “strong”, and the $3.7 billion in profit it brought in last year isn’t bad either.

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